August 2013 CoverDoll


Jade Summers

August 2013

Name: Jade Summers

Nickname: Hot Sauce

Owner (Alias): Supersoul

Location: Canterbury, New Zealand

Short Bio: I moved to New Zealand from California in September 2011, wow what an eye opener! I moved to a city that had been destroyed with still more massive shallow earth quakes to come that I had the miss fortune to experiance for myself! But my man assured me we would be ok and our city would rebuild, it has been an interesting 2 years.

I absolutly love New Zealand and love it when my man and I go out for adventures in the fabulouse New Zealand country side. My friend Dannielle has just moved here from California as well, so our future is looking very bright. :-)

Vital Statistics

Bust: 34”

Waist: 24”

Hips: 34”

Height: 5’3”

Weight: I beg your pardon!

Bra Size: 32C

Shoe Size: 8 US depending on style

Dress Size: Small

Model Date: September, 2011

Custom Features

Body Type: Body A RD2

Head Type Face D

Skin Tone: Medium

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Eye Shadow: Slate

Eye Liner: Heavy

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Various but currently Auburn

Hairstyle: Depends on the week

Nail Color: French Manicure

Lip Color: Cinnamon

Pubic Hair Color: N/A

Pubic Hairstyle: N/A


Previous Appearances: Featured Photographer of the month model and a couple of threads on TDF.

Video: Lots of highly classified porn...

Doll girlfriends: Danielle Bardon, a RD2 Body B Face C 2013.

Ambition: To stay in prestien condition and to enjoy the time with my man for many years to come.

My Best Quality: Im very pleasant to look at and to make love too.

Words to Live by: You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

I Love: Lingerie and the lovin that comes with it!

I Hate: Incompatance.

Perfect Evening: Cuddling up with my man and my friend Danielle.

Untold Fantasy: That would be telling. ;-)

I Feel Sexy When: I look amazing with a nice outfit on, Im clean, powdered nicely, perfumed and ready for a great time.

My Idea of Fun: Taking a drive in the New Zealand countryside.

Aphrodisiacs: The sun going down? The sun comeing up? a day ending in 'y'?.

You can never have enough: Ammo, beer and cheese on biscuts.

My Lingerie Drawer: Is increadable and covers 2 draws and a wardrobe.

Favourite Sport: Moto X.

Favorite Position: Cowgirl. ;-)

Favorite Musical Groups, Songs: Smashing Pumpkins, ACDC? but actually not that into music, its kinda lost on me.

Favourite Artist, paintingd: Leanardo De caprio?... Not big on the arts..

Favourite Movies, Directors: Frances Ford Copola, Apocolyps Now, oh hang on that's his favorite...

Favourite TV Show: I havent watched TV in years. There is this cool thing called the internet now days.

Favourite Author / Books: No time for books unless they are stick books!

Favourite Quote: "Yea, Ill blow a hole in your face then Ill go inside, and sleep like a baby, you can count on that" Clint Eastwood, Grand Torino.

Favourite Places: Home in bed with my man and my girl! :-)



Jade Summers Photo Shoots

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Supersoul this is hot! 

These babes just keeps getting hotter and hotter! Cool

I got a lot of your pics well into my favs my friend, keep up the great work!

I think luscious is a good describer for Jade.  But your nickname Hot Sauce also does the trick. :)

Well what can one say but outstanding work! Jade Summers is a stunning model and she's been beautifully captured in the shoot.

Nice one!!


CoverDoll Publisher To err is human to forgive divine.

A beautiful doll to grace the cover!Smile Just fantastic Supersoul, you out did your self!! 

Wow, great shoot, Jade is gorgeous, she looks great in each and every lingerie :)

My dolls are so jealous of her drawer )


Wow!!! What a beautiful gal!!!!

Awesome shots Supersoul.  You spoil that girl of yours with all that sexy lingerie.  I like the NZ bikini.  I will have to try to find Li Mei a PRC one (All red with the stars on the cups).  You need to get them proper dresses one day so they can theoretically leave the house.  You would want to be charged with keep girls locked in your house after all.

Pink is not her only color but to say she wears it well is an deffinite understatement!! This shoot was worth more than one comment. This ones for you Supersoul.Smile

No doubt Jade makes a few 'mini quakes' of her own.

Loved the amusing write up and my favourite pic - Escante_Blue _Lace_Gartini  - RD's do cowgirl so well



giant work with the photoshoot :jawdrop: Congrats, all the pics and outfits are wonderful, what a model she is }:)