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April 2015

Name: Alisa

Nickname: Ally

Owner (Alias): Dees Man

Location: Australia

Short Bio: Ally is the older sister to Nikki-Thera who is best friends with Dee and MaDee who grew up together in Japan and were recently reunited DownUnder.

Shortly after arriving here, Ally decided to spend Christmas and most of January touring the countryside with a girlfriend of hers that had moved DownUnder years ago.

These photographs she has submitted show some of the places she visited. Ally got to hike a famous walk trail, saw a local dam and generally enjoyed the aussie bush, and of coarse, shared the task of driving around. They were taken over 4 days, in 5 different locations (visited 2 dams in one day) and wearing 4 different outfits (as a lady does when on holiday).

Vital Statistics

Bust: 79cm

Waist: 54cm

Hips: 80cm

Height: 168cm

Weight: 27kg

Bra Size: D cup

Shoe Size: Ladies 3 (AUS)

Dress Size: Girls 12-14 or Ladies Small (AUS)

Model Date: 2014

Custom Features

Body Type: DS-Doll 168plus

Head Type Alisa

Skin Tone: Light Pink

Eye Color: Blue

Eye Shadow: None

Eye Liner: Med

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Hairstyle: Long wavy

Nail Color: Natural

Lip Color: Pink

Pubic Hair Color: N/A

Pubic Hairstyle: Full Brazillian


Previous Appearances: CoverDoll Photographer of the Month January 2015 & TDF.

Video: "Ally Club Girl re-dance" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y72U5W_bcd0

Doll girlfriends: MaDeeSab, Sweet Dee and Nikki-T (baby sister).

Ambition: To be the best person I can.

My Best Quality: I like to think my personality, but I'll say my looks.

Words to Live by: "Be excellent to everybody and party on dudes" (quote from Bill and Ted).

I Love: My new life DownUnder.

I Hate: Rude, obnoxious people and dudes at clubs that just want to get in my pants.

Perfect Evening: Dinner,Dancing and some naughty fun with the ones I Love.

Untold Fantasy: To be photographed doing the last part of my "Perfect Evening."

I Feel Sexy When: Dancing and as I recently found out, doing a photshoot with DudeMan.

My Idea of Fun: Dancing, of coarse, but also found there's so much to do outside down here..

Aphrodisiacs: When DudeMan focuses his camera on me while I'm dancing get's me so wet, it's like fore play for me. I'm good to go, and he won't say no.

You can never have enough: Clothes!!!!!!!!

My Lingerie Drawer: Is full.

Favourite Sport: Never really interested, but I don't mind jogging to keep in shape, and my friend took me bushwalking which was amazing.

Favourite Position: Too hard to choose. I like it all, with either him or her, even better with both.

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Katy Perry "I kissed a girl" What else?

Favourite Artist, painting: Oh, what's that one by Van Glock? The one with the flowers in it.....

Favourite Movies, Directors: "Wasabi" by Luc Besson.

Favourite TV Show: Real Humans (Äkta Människor) and Big Bang Theory.

Favourite Author / Books: Reading? Ugh!

Favourite Quote: Same as "Words to Live by,"

Favourite Places: This is my first time away from home and have fallen in love with the aussie bush.



Ally Photo Shoots CLICK HERE

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Alisa - CONGRATULATIONS on being covergirl!!! 

We haven't seen enough photos of you and you're very beautiful, moreso than your sister Kayla who's much too pleased with herself and far too popular for her own good.

I bet your feet were a bit tired after all that standing, let alone your man's poor arms accompanying you to all these wonderful places. But most dolls can't do what you do at all and it's great to see you on holiday doing what you like best.

Best wishes 

Harem and your antipodean sisters


Blue eyes and dark hair, slim and soft!Smile Beautiful dolls and Austraila seem to go nore hand in hand. Got to visit. 

Ally would be my favourite tour guide down under 8)

Please allow me to add Dees Man's vid of this photo shoot here:




Hi Ally, what a trip to the outdoors you had! The pics are so stunning. We love them, and the video as well. Great great job! And not surprisingly you have a lot in common with my girls- Luc Besson movies and the tv series Real Humans! So lots of kisses from my girls to you! Chris

Great Work Des ManCool

I saw with joy your Ally in beautiful landscapes,  my favorites are the portraits, she is special!

Hello Dees Man! such a natural beauty! Just love all the different poses you did with Ally. It reads like a Sports clothing ad. Very stylish and sophistocated.

Hi Deesman,

Ally absolutely deserves to be on the cover. And you did a great job. The photos are wonderful SmileVivid and natural.  Personally I am surprised that this was the first time that you took Ally outside for photoshoots. I hope it was a happy experience for both of you.



Creator of ScoonimDolls

Thank you all for the comments and Nescio for posting our video.
We had  so much fun doing this shoot but like always weren't sure what you all would think. We just gotta relax and just do it how we do it as you always leave kind comments.
This shoot was done over 4 days and that first day out I was very nervous pulling out the driveway with Ally in the front seat. Each day got easier and have been out once more since. It's quite a rush.

Well what can I say that everyone hasn't already said. When I first saw these photos of Ally I knew she was a true CoverDoll.

All I can say, is a big thanks to Dees Man for allowing Ally to grace our cover.

Beautiful work :).

P.S. stay tuned, you'll be seeing more of Ally in the months to come ;).


CoverDoll Publisher To err is human to forgive divine.

Good to see fellow Aussies enjoying the Bush. Of course Ally loves her new life 'downunder'. Great photo shoot Dees Man Smile

Hi DeesMan,
A belated
CONGRATULATION for this fantastic publication as this adventure trip from Ally (and you) really shows the awesome possibilities when doing outdoor shootings with dolls. Sorry for the belated comment but for me this is one of the most exciting CoverDoll articles I've seen and a life-like story done with a lot of awesome engagement.