Lingerie Bust & Flat Back Male Torso

As reported by Mike Kelly

Abyss seems dedicated now to expanding their line of lower priced dolls. They have added two new products to their line and both are worth a look.

The first product is called the RealDoll lingerie Bust. Abyss debuted this product at the AVN show in Las Vegas, 2007.

The Lingerie Bust is modeled from the body 7 (medium skin tone) RealDoll with pert size 32B realistic gel-filled breasts. It comes with the Britney face from the RealDoll Face-X system and has the make up, eye color and hair color as shown on the Abyss website. Price is a reasonable $1,699.00

Lighter than a full doll – for those looking for some oral fun on a budget this is a good product.

The 2nd new product is the Flat Back Male Torso. Based on the full male RealDoll you get all the fun and no extra weight with this toy. Just like the full male doll, this flat back torso has ripped abs, a perfect package and an anal entry. You get your choice of pubic hairstyle - Shaved or Natural Brunette and penis Size - Limp/Flaccid X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large. Price is only $1,299.00

Both products use the same high quality silicone used in the full-size dolls. This silicone is a custom mix that is neither tin-based nor platinum process based. Is this really possible? Truth is – I’ve checked out the Silicone sold today on the internet. One thing I noticed right away - Silicone is sold in a great variance in price - the more you pay, the better it is.

Abyss Silicone fits the profile of the very finest silicone on the market today - period.

The sex toys made at Abyss are made from silicone that has the following attributes:

1) Silicone has a flat appearance.

2) Silicone has no life cycle at all (no change in softness over time).

3) Resists tearing - and yet is very soft.

There is no magic material here - even the best silicone will tear and compress - the key word here is resistant to tearing and compression.

One word of advise on sex toys - they are a one way ticket due to STDs.

I bought a doll once I did not like - a Letha Weapons doll -- I sold the doll on ebay.

Why? STDs cling to dolls - sure you can clean them with bleach and let them sit for 3 months - but that's not 100% guaranteed to get rid of them.

That's why all the AIDS prevention clinics tell you to never share your sex toys with anyone.

If you buy a sex toy you don't like or otherwise are unhappy with - do post a review of the product - then sell it on ebay - AFTER you clean it.

After Letha Weapons I read about sex toys before I buy them - to make sure the doll is what I want to own.

If I could get out a crystal ball - I'd say that we should see a major growth of the doll market in the future.

We have some decent dolls for durability on the market now:

HVG doll from Hustler - $500

Kay/Tracy from 1st-PC - $3350

Realdoll body 2 from Abyss Creations - $6495

How about a basic Android for $10,000 dollars? How about with options it go to $60,000 dollars?

Impossible? Not really - to many only a matter of time.

I believe that the current dolls will improve in quality. However, I do see the market expanding to higher priced dolls with greater functionality.

We could even see a true "android companion" market where your doll is programmed with exactly the personality that you want it to have.

Impossible? Not hardly. To many - this is only a matter of time - because there could be a market for true Androids just like there is a market for lower priced product like the Male Flat Back Torso doll.

Time will tell really.


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