Foxx Fashion Blog August 2017


TJ: Hi All! TJ and Tasha here to kick off the Foxx Fashion Blog! We are pleased to be bringing you what is new in the world of Style and Fashion for synthetiks.  In our regular segments, we will be looking at the latest in clothes, accessories and other various aspects of synthetik living. 

Tasha:  Yo Teej!  Couldn't you just have said. “It's about Dolly Style, Fashion and all other kinds of kewl shyt.”  But NOOOOOO,  you have to go on and on... BLAH BLAH BLAH…. 

TJ: Tash, can you please tell everyone why it is going to be a fashion blog and what to expect?

Tasha:  Fo’ Shizzle, dorkizzle!  So, a number of my besties here and on Twitter are always telling me how much they like my clothes, style and that they think of me as a synthetik fashionista.   

TJ: So where did “Tashionista” come from?  

Tasha: LOL! That is from my sweet, fun, and UK bestie, Hanna Monkeypants!  She has very unique style, I LOVE her outfits. She was a big inspiration to me for this blog.   

TJ: How did you get interested in clothes and other fashion? 

Tasha: Well, my Sky sis Azure turned me on to Dolls Kill and other places for killer gear way back.  That was BIG.  She also did a couple WAY kewl threads on her different dresses and bras.  The girls here in Jersey, Sheeana, Karlie, Mo, Julietta, and the other girls at the AH Ranch always have killer outfits that I always admire.   There are  so many girls in the forum that have cute clothes, I tried different things and I found my style too. 

TJ: So Tash what is,  "your style?”  

Tasha: Why don't we show everyone  instead of blabbing on and on about it?  So this dress is the first one that probably got me noticed for my style. It's a sheer flame pattern by 24hrs and one of my first from Dolls Kill. I am wearing it over black leggings and heels.  


Click on image for ful-size and gallery

I normally wear a black bandeau under it but we were trying to do our own Dolls Kill shoot, so we got a little edgy.  Next, I got this way kewl Day of The Dead dress. I got it because it had so many of my favorite things. skulls, flowers and margaritas. It's just missing coffee!  LOL!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE  leggings and tank tops, of course with skulls.   I had trouble that day deciding to wear the skull boots or soften the look with my kitten chuck talyors. 

Everyone by now knows I also LOVE to get really dressed up (all dolled up?) for special occaisions like New Yea'rs Eve.  Here are my last two NYE outfits. I love changing my hairstyle.  I am so lucky TJ gets us great wigs!. 


 The black is  just a tube dress, I love the way it fits, it looks tight but its nice an comfy becasue it's smooth and stretchy.  My leopard dress is a minidress that has a really sheer sleeve and is off the shoulder on the other side.  I got lots of complents on both. We got these at a local thrift shop.


Sometimes I feel more rough-and-tumble and I throw on jeans and a t-shirt with boots or sneakers.   You really can't see them but the boots are suede fringe from Just Fab. The best part of the outfit is the Sopranos T-shirt, I mean, how Jersey can ya get?  The long vest looking piece is actually a black zip dress from Dolls Kill.  Oh and yes, I am giving a good friend the "Jersey Salute"  in this pic. 

Lately I have been into comfy, cute stuff and stuff that you can wear any where.  Like these outfits:


HA!  Don't mind the beers too much... Teej just happened to catch me kicking back at the Doll Meet and Alottapalooza.  Most everything I am wearing is from VS Pink. The first was a freebie dorm top that came with the purchase of the lounge pants. I am wearing a really comfy white sports bra under it.  My sneakers are Ed Hardy's that we found on eBay.  The other outfit is a beach cover up hoodie and pants which can be lounge wear too.  I am wearing the new "Date bra" and panty set under it. They are so nice they are really confortable, pretty much like a regular bikini. Speaking of Bikini's..... This skull pattern bikini is from Hot Topic. They have great sales sometimes the top was on sale for 50% off and the bottoms were $1!  Don't forget! I have a other great outfits in the April issue of Cover Doll, if you didn't see it yet, go check it out!


TJ; Wow Tashie! That's some review...  Now that we kicked off the blog, what can everyone expect to see, starting next month?   

Tasha: Well Teej, I have been talking to my besties here and I plan to do some features and interviews with them.  We were talking about themes like, making your own clothes, kewl thrft shop finds, fashion across the pond, accessories for all occasions, hair styles/wigs, date nights, music, and tons more!  So stay tuned BBZ!  

TJ; Thanks for stopping in everyone, See you around the forum and next month, right here in Coverdoll! 

Tasha: Peace out! 


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Hey Tashi and Teej, Congratulations, had to come over here as soon as I saw the new Coverdoll. Great blog, Hanna's really very pleased at the mention and I'm just trying to coax her down from the light fitting. Love the clobber, and anything leopardy goes down well here. Hah, Sopranos tee shirt, yup, it don't come more Juhrzey than that. Lookin' forward to next time youze two. Love from us three.

Welcome to CoverDoll Blogging Tash! You are sooooooooo good at this fashion stuff.

Not sure your gonna need this TJ character  

He!!!!  Thanks Swanny and Mondoon! 

You guys RAWK! I am so glad you are friends of Teej's.   Well I think that I'll keep TJ on to help, becasue he does do a lot. Besides, he buys the clothes and takes the pics!!!  I am glad everyone seems to like it.  We have great idea for the next few installments!  Mondoon, ya gotta give hugs to Hanna MP and Katie for me!    Sawnny, please give Ry, Airrie, Sienna, Sierra, and Asami hugs too. 

Wow Tasha, you filled a big void in Coverdoll, lot´s of boobs but no fashion? Come on, do you really think Coverdoll is just for boys like Chris? Yawn!!! I´m glad you took over and changed Coverdoll into a rocking magazine for us! A big smooch to Jersey, Brigitte

PS Chris liked it too, especially the Date bra. He´s so predictable. A flash of lingerie and he´s awake. Giggle. 

Wow, this blog  is a really cool (or is it kewl?). Ok, I admit that I am not really the fasion type, but that is also because there is hardly anything to find in my size. So if you guys should come across stuff that would upgrade my wardrobe, then I am counting on you. yeslaugh


Looking forward to see your next blog, Tash.



Say, any chance that that shop where you found the legging with the skull and roses have a similar one in my size?


Hey Tashi and Teej really rock the house. Really nice to see some of you'all give us guys the ins and outs of what's cool on the scene and fashionable. Look forward to the next episode!



WOW! Thanks much!!!!