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Our Monthly Featured Photographer for September 2017 is Izla111:


My fantasy girl

I received Diane on September 15, 2015. Appearing in CoverDoll is a wonderful way to celebrate her 2nd birthday and our anniversary. Diane came to me as a standard RealDoll 2, Brooklyn configuration 1. Currently she is deviating from her configuration by wearing a lighter shade of pink lipstick, nova blue eyes, and a Jon Renau “Amanda 130/31” wig. Diane is a hyper sexual bedroom bunny.  She loves to have a good time, and is always warm and friendly. She is that tomboy girl that grows up to be a ravishing beauty but wears it casually. She is the girl most likely to do tequila shots with you while watching sports and cheering for your favorite teams. She brings sunshine to a cloudy day. She turns frowns into smiles. She encourages the eating of ice-cream and cartwheels in the park. She is my comfort. She is my muse.

      I’ve taken well over 20,000 pictures of Diane over a 2 year period. Frankly I can’t stop taking pictures of her. She is just so beautiful that I don’t want to stop. I use an iPhone 6s to take pictures, and I use whatever lighting the room provides. I also use Dodgeman’s stance modifier with a rail and lift system for positions where she can’t hold her own weight. With practice I’ve learned to make better pictures. I focus on Diane. I don’t use props. I try to keep the background simple and uncluttered. I’m mindful of the light sources and the contrast between light and dark areas. I usually take 2 of the same picture. For the first picture I select the focal point manually. For the second picture I allow the phone camera to auto adjust the focal point. When I edit the pictures I select the picture I think looks best. For editing pictures I use Pixelmator on a Mac. My editing is minimal. It usually consists of removing Dodgeman’s stance modifier from the picture.





Note from the Editor: Each month we will feature a different photographer's work. We invite doll owners and manufacturers alike to participate in this new monthly feature. Photo shoots must meet a minimum quality level. If you do not meet that level we are happy to work with you, critique your photos and help you to raise the bar on your photography. Good photo shoots can be had with low cost digital cameras. It is all in the technique.

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Great photos of Diane Izla! Always a pleasure.

Thanks Karma!!! It was fun doing this for CoverDoll smiley

Another beautiful album Izla. Always enjoy browsing your galleries. 

2 years of happiness in life with Diane and already 20.000 pics taken....that's real heart to a doll.

- SF -

Thanks Pioneersnt1!!! I'm happy to share my passion for my dollys smiley

Thanks SF!!! It's trully a labor of love. smiley

I have long admired Diane and your excellent photography! Doll onward RealBro!! yesyesyes


Thanks bro!!! Your photos of Linda among others inspired me early on. Posting the photos is also a fun a way to share our passion for our dollys with the community. I'm happy to Doll onward brother. smiley

Thanks again Iz for this beautifully done shoot of Sweet Diane.

She's a TDF celebrity!

Hope we'll see another CoverDoll shoot from you in 2018 


Thank you brother Swan for reaching out to me to participate. It has been a pleasure. Thanks!!! smiley