The Escort Lady


Some long-time visitors of CoverDoll will remember Eveshka, the escort lady who joined my household for a few years. Then she chose to leave us to start a new modelling career in France.

Talking about escort ladies, a little ago a friend told me to go for an escort, “have a perfect evening, have a perfect night!” I had some doubts, I have my dolls. Although … maybe I should try …

I booked a lady at the local escort agency. We had a date at a hotel nearby. When I entered the room she was lying on the bed. Black body, black stockings. Black hair, green eyes. Tanned with freckles. She was so beautiful.

She was so familiar. Her humble breasts, her firm thighs. My jaw dropped to floor level. Rebecca!

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Hot shots Nes .... How much! 

She's a very expensive lady, but she gave me a discount wink

Hi nescio, every lady has her secrets, Rebecca´s isn´t secret anymore. I´m sure none of you regretted it. Great pics of her! Chris