December 2017 Featured Photographer

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Our Monthly Featured Photographer for December 2017 is Lika:



I feel privileged to be Photographer Of The Month in this issue of CoverDoll. I hope my images are pleasing to the eye and this will help me push my photography to the limits. It is a great feeling when I receive compliments on my past photos, so when I was asked to do this issue I was very pleased. I recived Xiu-Ying on 6/24/17 from another member here in the forum and she is a DS 161cm plus Hard Silicon rare version since they dont make this one any more. Xiu-Ying is very specail and has a unique personality. She is from the Ming Dynasty from Ancient China. I broguht her here to our time period and she loves it here she has so much to learn and also is a spoiled princess that knows 7 different languages and she is very smart thats what i love about her and her beauty is out of this world.


The Camara i used is a Canon 60D with 18-135mm Kits Lens and also used a 50mm Prime lens with one soft box and also used colored Christmas Lights for the back ground.





Note from the Editor: Each month we will feature a different photographer's work. We invite doll owners and manufacturers alike to participate in this new monthly feature. Photo shoots must meet a minimum quality level. If you do not meet that level we are happy to work with you, critique your photos and help you to raise the bar on your photography. Good photo shoots can be had with low cost digital cameras. It is all in the technique.

Submit your inquiries and sample entry photos to


Very nice photos. So seasonable and colorful!

Super job bringing us the Christmas season through your images  Lika

Thanks again!

It was a fun photo shoot I had a lot of fun and so did Xiu Ying. This is her first Christmas and I gave her many presents talk about spoiled Princess xD