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January 2018

Name: Leeloo Byaku Ran

Nicknames: Leeloo Chouchou

Owner (Alias): nibuKo

Location: France

Short Bio: Hello, I'm Leeloo Byaku Ran. My name means " White Orchid " because it seems I'm pure like these flowers. That are nibuKo's words… I'm too shy to speak about myself.

I wish you a happy new year and don't forget to retrieve me and my friends on the calendar we done for 2018.smiley

You can find it there: Click me

And I leave you with a text nibuKo wrote to me.

Take care of yourself.

" White

White is your color.

White as purity and goodness.

White as the sunlight.

White as a angel.

White as a glimmer of hope.

White as a salvation in the black.

When my world is going to dark.

You're my white. "




Vital Statistics

Bust: 77 cm

Waist: 56 cm

Hips: 85 cm

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 26 kg

Bra Size: 80A or 34B

Shoe Size: 38

Dress Size: XS/S

Model Date: 2016



Custom Features

Body Type: AI Doll S+

Head Type Fay

Skin Tone: Brown sand

Eye Color: Blue

Eye Shadow: Natural

Eye Liner: Thick

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Redhead

Hairstyle: Curvy

Nail Color: French Manicure

Lip Color: Natural

Pubic Hairstyle: Shaved







Video:(Website) https://www.le-monde-de-cherry.com/leeloo

Doll girlfriends:  Cherry, Harleen, Moena ( we're the Cherry's Chicks Crew ! :D ) , Kiera, Joanna, Sabrina, Léanira, Nymira, Melissande… my "sisters" Lilica and Yurica.

Ambition: Stay simple

My Best Quality: My innocence O:)

Words to Live by: Make Love, Not War yes

I Love: Utopia

I Hate: Egoism, materialism

Perfect Evening: We're making all our evenings perfect

Untold Fantasy: Live in a perfect world. Hey, what do you expect ?

I Feel Sexy When: An angel isn't sexy enough ?

My Idea of Fun: Drive a cloud.

Aphrodisiacs: Nutella ^_^

My Lingerie Drawer: Cervin

You can never have enough: Music !

Favourite Position: Pleasure ?  surprise

Favourite Sport: Stay lying under the duvet

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Lily Allen / Somewhere Only We Know laugh

Favourite Artists, Paintings: The world is a painting

Favourite Movie: The Lion King

Favourite Book: The Little Prince

Favourite TV show: no time for… these horrible things

Favourite Place: Somewhere Only We Know :)

Favourite Quotes : " And here is my secret, a very simple secret : It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essentail is invisible to the eye. "








Leeloo Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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 Nibuko! Great cover shoot! Love the colored lights. That guitar amp is huge! I'm guessing Pete Townsend would be proud! Way to go! 

Leeloo is magnificent! Your images capture her gorgeousness in a way that pushes all my buttons wink

especially ...

Hi Leeloo,

Great to see you on our cover and happy new year to you too! Love your photo series. You are clearly very inspirational to nibuKo.  That calendar you modelled for also is super cool. You and your French doll friends sure know how to make quality! laughyes

Cheers,  Stellai