Silicone speed limiter

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I know that I've mentioned the boring aspects of the drive north in passing, but there are other things, that on reflection, need mention.  After all, travelling 4000 kms in total is a big part of the holiday and trip in general.  There is some really pretty country in this part of the world and part of this is the hills and mountains that form a large part of eastern New South Wales.  The Wizard liked the winding roads.  I suppose it was a relief after the plains where you could drive 20 to 30 kms at a time in a straight line without deviating at all.  However, driving tight bends in a heavy van is a different proposition than riding the same bends on a motorcycle and the Wizard seemed to forget this.  75 kph around a 45 kph bend is not fun for a passenger, and I had to put a stop to the fun when I almost got piled up against the side of the van.  I mean it was serious.  I could have broken a nail!  So a slap to the back of the head was in order.  The Wizard used to say that his wife was his organic speed limiter in days gone by, so I suppose she has just been replaced by me.  Fun is all well and good, but we have to keep it safe, yes?


G'day everyone,...


And there I was thinking that silicone got the engine raceing,....

I know it dose in many ways,... so why not on the road!??



Playing with Dolls is a Joy!


WARNING: The Dolls are starting to play Back!

We are just glad you made it safely home.

And look forward to your next visit.

The Dolltime Girls.

Oz is such a big country,so I guess we you say down the road you mean about 1000 miles away LOL.

Anyway we are all happy that you made it to Muzza's house without any broken nails :D ;)


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I agree Zara. Every man needs his own speed limiter. I enjoyed reading about your experience on the road. I would have loved taking that trip. I would have had Midnight Oil blaring in my car the whole time. I have seen many pictures of down under and it is extremely beautiful especially the golf courses. I just think that I was born in the wrong place sometimes. Lucky girl.