Back in the swing

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Sometimes it takes a certain event to help you realise that you can't do everything by yourself. For instance the Wizard has been quite ill lately, which means that taking photos for things like CoverDoll shoots can't happen. I mean if he can't breathe then he can't pick up a camera. Thankfully he got through it otherwise I would be all alone and I don't think I would cope too well with that. I hope everything is well with the CD readers.


glad all is ok for you now :)

illness is just painfull, who did invent that }:) ?

Hopefully dollies are a warm comfort when ill, but sadly they can't help physically :(

Jihan & Elle

Being sick is no fun for neither our man nor us girls.

We hope that all is well now and recovery complete.

hugs and kisses


G'day everyone,...


Glad to see Mechwizard is back,.. and along with him Zara!

You look a bit to relazed there Zara,.. I hope you kept the Wiz hydrated while he was unwell,...

(not from the round porcelin bowl)





Playing with Dolls is a Joy!


WARNING: The Dolls are starting to play Back!

Sorry to hear that the wizard has been ill, but I'm glad he is getting better :) One thing is for sure though Zara, you would never be alone ;)

Nice to have you back :)


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