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It's my blog so I guess I can give vent to whatever I want.  Well within reason of course, otherwise our all powerful publisher will drop on me from a great height.  The Wizard was put out recently when his photo of one of his fashion dolls was rejected from a recent doll forum challenge.  He was mostly disappointed in himself when he didn't read over the rules that someone had unilaterally changed for the current month.  The little dolls had to compete with the likes of me - like that was going to happen.  A $140 plastic ball jointed doll competing with - well - me.  Huh!  One of his other little dolls won the category B a couple of months ago.  Perhaps noses got put out of joint?  Well, if the teddy babes want their own little competition then they can have it, the Wizard's got better things to do, and so have I.  I told him not to point that camera at me and to get busy.  We will have a new resident soon and there's so much to get in order around the place.  Its all very exciting!

Kisses, Zara


:) It's nice to see that your getting ready for your new visitor. Now there will be trouble at the wizards place unless you have more than one bathroom :D


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