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CoverDoll February 2013 Mami

This Month's Contents

On the Cover...

She’s 4woods newest lady, the AI S+. An athletic, slim and soft skinned beauty called Mami. This is her first photo shoot and an exclusive for CoverDoll. They do say that seeing is believing, well I’m sure when you see her shoot, that you’ll agree that she’s one beautiful doll. Eye-wink

Also In This Issue...

Monthly Featured Photographer

Bare-skin RugBare-skin Rug

This month’s featured photographer is none other than Muneca. His beautiful Miami has been featured as one of our CoverDolls last year. Her shoot was outstanding and we believe that Muneca’s work should be showcased again in this feature. Please take a look and enjoy his outstanding photos. Smiling


That Dress - Photo Story

Ever wish you could peek into a room and discover what dolls talk about when we're not around? Eye-wink


Mechwizard's Gallery 

Star88's Blog

Well, what’s our little Kalei been up to this month? She sure looks good in her leather jacket and short black skirt. But will she keep them on? Well, you’ll just have to go look and see. Eye-wink

Meadow's Blog

February is the month of love, and cupid has his bow and arrow ready to capture your heart. Well, it looks like our Meadow is armed and ready for love. So please do check her out… Smiling

Nescio50's Blog

Oh baby, it's cold outside, but it sure looked hot to me when I took one look at this little lady in the snow. Come warm your heart to this Siberian beauty. Eye-wink

Rojo's Gallery

Soft and sensuous, the Lady in Red is waiting for you. Will she fill your Valentine's desires? Well warm your eyes on her and dream of what could be… Smiling

Renate's Gallery

The Phoenix is rising again with a beautiful new shoot for Renate's BoyToy of the same name. It seems that she just can’t keep her white top on. Eye-wink


Movie Review:
"Sound of my Voice"

This month's review by DollyForMe is the movie “Sound of my Voice”, starring the Yummy Brit Marling in another 100,000 dollar SF epic. This woman knows how to do a great movie on the cheap. “Sci-fi realism” sounds like a contradiction, but the label has legs with Brit Marling. Pop inside and check out the rest of Dollyforme's review blog. Eye-wink

Virtual Babes

She’s as hot as hell and just as dark. This lady takes no prisoners. They call her Bandita… Smiling

Renate 3-D ArtArt Folder

Coverdoll art section contains drawings and 3-D renderings by varius artists and are added as they become availabe. 

Our most recent contributor is Renate.


This month's poster is of course our CoverDoll Mami, so check her out in full. Eye-wink

Living Dolls issue 38
Green Death

from B-man & Kharn

The away team finds Hardwood devoid of life, but they are not still not alone...

Varkeo's Gallery - Reboot II

Check out the new photos from the master of small dolls! Smiling

Bianca Celebrates 5th Anniversay & BirthdayBianca & Midiman celebrate 5 years together

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Bianca and Midiman head to the city...but it doesn't turn out as expected.

Alektra's Castle

The temperature is rising at Alektra’s Castle, with the arrival of the new girl. It would seem that she has some admirers. Eye-wink

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