Mishka's Studio - A Summary of 2017 and vision for 2018


Last year was a great year for me. I managed to make a few great additions to my collection of synthetic ladies - such as a few RD2's early in the year, and a few DH168 and PiperDolls from promos gigs. I have not even managed one photo of some of them, as I had other obligations to a vendor to complete a few sets and now I'm free to photo again. So it was very productive in the sense I managed to get many pictures, but I really miss getting photos of some of my older ladies, who seem to forever stand and wait for me for that magic moment, where they come to life in my studio.

So with so many choices of filming opportunites, how do I ever manage to get anything done? - I mean so many dolls, and so little time.

Well last week I was off for the holidays and managed a few sets of my RD2 Tanya and YL155D. Although Tanya is fully clothed, she needs to be in a display for a month or so, as guests may be around, and I need to have her look non sexual, and authentic in a Xmas setting - or at least try.

Well to start off, here's a few pics of Tanya from the Dec Xmas set I did. I used a 2 light setup and the rest of the lighting was ambient from tree lighting. This required a bit of color balance tweaks so they would look natural, but some pics had a custom white balance and some creative lighting effects.

Next, some pics of Kassandra, a YL155. I think the face is a WM20, but since I have so many, I actually am not sure now. But here she is posing in our bedroom. I used a three light setup and the third light was a 100W incandescent to warm up the room. There was very little natural light, so just about all the light was from the extra lighting. I used PS to adjust the depth of field, create blur, adjust white balance, lighting and contrast. Freckles and also her breast highlights were added in post.

Click image for gallery and full-size photos.

That's all for now. Till next month. Enjoy


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