CTRC E8 -- Bangers and Mash

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Bangers and Mash!  


There is a cook ____Chef Toy-R-Cees

Whose boobs are well rounded…..like these!

Put those play things away!!!!

......we have work here today

…then…all the fun that you please.




We’ll need some potatoes…..please peel.



Then chop and boil ’til soft before our meal

Drain and mash them…..said the book,

Whip some milk and butter into the gook

then salt and pepper to finish the deal.

The bangers will fry like any meat.

Aroma is hearty and sweet.

Pull them out of the pan…..

Save the drippings for gravy….man!….

Tuck away in a server; no need to reheat

Now slice up some onions to brown

and stir in some beef broth from town…

Spoon off some to a bowl,

Adding flour is our goal…

Simmer well before you go chow down!!

Peas will serve as our side dish,

heat by microwave or stovetop…whatever you wish

Put it all out on plates……

Call out to all of your mates…..

Wait!  One secret ingredient makes it de-lish


Then, have it all with a few beers

Rootbeer for those with few years

See you again next time,

More fun………and less rhyme

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my Lovlies……..Cheers!!




Not sure if "Bangers and Mash" means what you think it means chefsdevil

Another great blog!yes

Hi Chef, thank you for that tasty poem, have a nice dring, happy St. Patricks to you all. Chris

The Irish eyes are smiling on these lovely cooks!smileyBoy that kitchen must be hot! do they need any help?

That was a banging and smashing fantastic way to give us another cooking lesson. I really enjoyed the poem.  Well done, Chef!! yeslaugh