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Hi everyone

MyMan has been so busy this past month and we didn't get a chance to take new photos for our blog, so I thought it was my turn again to do the blog and tell you about one of my favourite activities..........


by Sweet Dee

I know I am not alone in this. I read and watch TV. Even right here on CoverDoll we have Toy-R-Cees doing a monthly blog all about yummy new recipes to enjoy and I try them all.

I have learnt to keep the mess to a minimum after what happened when I made the microwavable choc-marshmallow cookies.

We seemed to be wiping chocolate and marshmallow off all the doorknobs and light switches for weeks after that.

But they were SO YUMMY!

Food is not just about the eating. It is something you do while having conversations with new friends on a sunny afternoon in the garden.

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And of course a nice cool drink to wash down the food.



Food is also good when you have a celebration meal like when MyMan bought me pizza for our anniversary.



He said I could have whatever I wanted and I wanted pizza.


He knows what I like and surprised me with donuts for dessert.



I donuts!



So good!


Especially with a nice red.



Food is also good to have when on a long drive and you need to have a break.

Nikki had sandwiches when she went for a drive.



Items of food can also be used to play tricks on your friends while they excercise.


Be sure that it is a friend that you play the trick on and not some random person excercising in the park. Ha Ha.


I food and I how you read my blog for this month. Thank you kindly and hopefully we will have some new pics for you next month.



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I'm hungry now Dee and I just had lunch surprise


Hi ladies, you know what tastes great. Me too, but it shows when you look at me. Lucky ladies! Great pics, DM! Chris

Hey Dee, after reading your great instructions on food I moved foot by foot to the fridge for some food while continuing this great blog laugh
Great pics DM!!

- SF -

Ok, so I do not eat. But that does not mean that I am not totally fascinated by food. It looks so delicious!  You just have to put it in your mouth every now and then. surprise

Ok, it always comes out again as a mess, but that is part of the performance of Food Art.  Don't know why  we do it, but it is a fact that when something looks like food, we want to put it in our mouths. Strange isn't it? 

Like Chris said, food for thought!