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July 2017

Name: Jacqueline

Nickname: Jacky

Owner (Alias): Purplehaze

Location: Southern US

Short Bio: I'm Jacquline, born in Southern US. My roots are Russian, Japanese, and French Canadian. I've been playing tennis long time, and honored to play for my hometown university with scholarship. There I met Lisa, #1 singles playerat that time. She plays so well and always supporting team, immediately I see her as my mentor. Now we are "Purplehaze's Angels". The original "Charlie's Angels cheeky " have three girls, we need no more Lisa and I take him very good care and make him always happy laugh




Vital Statistics

Bust: 33"

Waist: 24"

Hips: 35"

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 75 lbs

Bra Size: 32D-34C

Shoe Size: US 8.5-9

Dress Size: US XS-P

Model Date: 2015



Custom Features

Body Type: Female RealDoll 2 Body A

Head Type Female RealDoll 2 Face G "Laila"

Skin Tone: Fair Skin Tone

Eye Color: Teal Green Eyes w/veins

Eye Shadow: Natural Eye Shadow

Eye Liner: Light Eye Liner

Eye Liner Color: Grey Eye Liner

Hair Color: Medium Blonde Hair Color

Hairstyle: Medium Length

Nail Color: French Manicure Nails

Lip Color: Cinnamon Lips

Pubic Hair Color: -

Pubic Hairstyle: Shaved Pubic Hair







Previous Appearances: None

Video: None

Doll girlfriends: Lisa

Ambition: Beat Lisa on Tennis

My Best Quality: Athletic

Words to Live by: 笑門来福 (good fortune and happiness will come to those who smile smiley )

I Love: Nature

I Hate: Lies

Perfect Evening: With someone who cares me

Untold Fantasy: Secret, of course!

I Feel Sexy When: Purplehaze stares at me

My Idea of Fun: Walking on Olimpic opening ceremony

Aphrodisiacs: Feather lip touch on my lips

My Lingerie Drawer: Full of future!

You can never have enough: Love

Favourite Position: . . . you need to be my someone special surprise

Favourite Sport: Tennis

Favourite Groups, Songs: Taylor Swift, I will be more sexy laugh

Favourite Artists, Paintings: Claude Monet

Favourite Movies, Directors: Oliver Stone

Favourite Books: Harry Potter Series

Favourite Quote: 最後の最後、 握手をするまでテニスは何が起こるかわからない (You never know what happens till you finally shake hands with your opponent)

Favourite Places: Bruxelles








Jacqueline's Photo Shoots CLICK HERE



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Um. Good job she's on the other side of the Atlantic or she might be capable of seducing me. Quite a star.

Best wishes


I would be putty ... Jacqueline would run the show ... yes dear ... ok dear heart

Beautiful images PH yes

Oh you're so beautiful dear Jacqueline and that's a very nicely done photo shoot!!

- SF -

Hi purplehaze, congratulations to this Coverdoll appearance, Jacqueline is just where she belongs, on the Cover of Coverdoll. Brigitte always says that she´s one of the best dressed classy and sexy ladies at TDF. As she thinks that Lisa is the better tennis player how about teaming up for next years Wimbledon doubles! That way we can all root for both of them. :) Chris

Thank you for your comment, Harem!
We are very glad you applause Jacqueline from the other side of Atlantic!!

Thank you for your comment, Swan!
More and more I realise why beautiful girls love cloths!!

Thank you for your comment, siliconefun!
Jacqueline always calm me down and smile...love watching her and shooting pictures!!

Thank you for your comment, Chris!
I am very glad Coverdoll kindly featured Jacqueline, too.
Year, I wish Lisa and Jacqueline team up and compete Wimbledon doublessmiley
Thank you for your comments in TDF, too. You are motivating and supporting me to take pics of Lisa and Jacqueline!!