A weekend near Paris...


A weekend near Paris...


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An evening, a friend asked :

Do you want to come a weekend ?

No time to finish the question,

We accepted the mission.

"We take the unicorn ?" said Leeloo

No, girls, we can't fly to.

In car, two hours beside Cherry.

Is Heaven so sexy ?

Or is she fire from Hell ?

Arrived, we are welcomed by Estelle

And Stéphanie, Carole, Sylvia, Léanira.

No luck, this time there's no Joanna.

Hours pass like a shot

Just time for Léanira to do a photoshoot

But don't worry my friends,

We will meet again and again...



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You have a beautiful family nibuKo ... Welcome to CoverDoll blogging yes

But only two dolls are mine on this pic (Cherry and Leeloo, on the chairs). cheeky

Hi nibuKo, congratulations to your Coverdoll blog. These portraits of the ladies on the lawn are amazing, especially of firecracker Cherry, of course. They are worth to be painted by Monet to me. Chris