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TJ: Hi Everyone!   Welcome to Foxx Fashion Blog, second edition.  This month, Tashionista has a special editorial in addition to our regular installment.  

Tasha:  Thanks Teej! Yeah I am going to talk about a major fashion fail I saw this summer while driving around. 

TJ; Wait! Tash, When were you driving around?  In MY car? 

Tasha: Cool yer pits dude!  Cat, Gina and I went shopping a few times..and to lunch and to dinner and... Hey, stop interrupting me! Like I was saying, girls, you know when it's hot out we try to dress accordingly. Here in Jersey it gets uber hot and humid. So, organik or synthetik, we like to wear cropped tops, tanks, sleeveless and other low cut summer outfits that are in season.   How else can we get guys to buy us drinks?   But if your bra straps play peek-a-boo from the outfit, you do NOT look sexy or sultry, you look clueless. Period.  Saying that you are making a “fashion statement” is major weak sauce.  

TJ: Drinks? When you were driving my car? Hey!  OW!!!  Tasha! Why did you pinch me?

Tasha:  Yo...shutty, McFuddy! I  am talking here!  So, even though sometimes we can get away without wearing a bra, but most of the time we really need to cover second base, ya know what I'm sayin'?   The challenge is finding the right bra for your outfit and how to show or not to show it.   This year for some reason I have seen more than a few gals who just wear whatever and look hella lame.  I call this the bra fail.  Let’s check out at some major bra fails. 


Click on image for full size and gallery

Tasha: Srsly, how lame can ya get?  Would any of you be caught dead? Did ya checkout that ditz in the middle?  How many freakin' tops is she wearing? Three?  I wanted to say, "Hey bisnotch, what's the matter? Is it too hot to wear a 4th top?"  Cat asked me not to, and promised to buy me cheese fries if I didn't. I took the deal.  Besides, Gina already laughed so hard, she snorted iced tea out her nose, that was good enough for me.   Here are a few more doozies...

Tasha:   Ya think these walking fashion faux pas would have the slightest clue how craptacular they look?  I guess not!  Well Bbz, now you see what NOT to do.  However, you can let your bra show in some cases; but wear it right.  It has to be part of the outfit intentially, not just there and pretending it isn't.   For example, last month, I showed you all my outfit at Alottaplaooza, I was wearing a colorful print bra that looked like a bikini top under my hoodie.  I did the same thing again recently but with a sports bra to go shopping. I will also run out for a quick cup of coffee or to the ATM in just tights and a sports bra if its too hot for a hoodie or other cover.    


Tasha: I hope you like the ways that we showed you can make a bra work with your style and not against it.  So whatever you do, don't go out looking like a tacky tart.  Back to you Teej...

TJ: Thanks Tashie.  I think it’s time for our main segment.  Can you introduce it?

Tasha: Sure thing, your dorkness!  It’s a topic Hanna suggested. It really is essential to any wardrobe,  synthetik or organik, the Little Black Dress or LBD.

TJ: Why did you and Hanna think this was a good topic?

Tasha: Since this is a fashion blog and we are just getting started, The Little Black dress or LBD is a fashion basic. It is a black evening or cocktail dress with simple cuts and is normally shorter.  The purpose is to be versatile.  It’s simple but  elegant and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Some of my besties were kind enough to share  pics of themselves in their LBD’s.  So let's see how they rock their frock! 

Since I got the idea from talking with Hanna, here she is showing us how versatile the LBD can be...


See how simple her dress is, yet how super classy she looks?  She is ready for tea, cocktails, dinner and a show or going in style to a local Goth club.  

Now check out TDF's one and only HBIC: KWENCH!

She is one serious hot ma'!  See how just a few simple cuts around her  curves makes this dress a real head turner! Kwench turns heads no matter what she is or isn't wearing. yes

One of my first friends I met at here online and at Hershey is the adorable Chrissy!   Chrissy so pretty and photogenic, she is one of those girls that looks good in everything she wears. 


Chrissy is tiny like me; see how her LBD perfectly accentuates her shape?  WIN-WIN Chrissy! WOOT WOOT! 

Speaking of tiny, we have two more members of the Boy Toy Brigade...the Dynamic Duo from the Frozen North...  Celestia and Azure!!!! 

DAAAAAAAAAANG  BBZ!  I think you just extended summer 6 weeks in your part of the continent!  The Dynamic Duo flew in for our LBD soiree and headed out on the red-eye the next morning.  Yo Celest, tell us again how you got that upgrade to first class on the flight home?   Celestia is wearing a Petite Carissa Plunge Satin Bodycon Dress.   Azure is wearing a Petite Hollie Drawstring Mesh Bodycon Dress. They got their dresses from "Boohoo."   Azure and Cel are both always dressed to the nines, even if it's just the foundation layer.   Boo-ya!     

My bodacious BFF Airrie confidently shows us her LBD.  She is ready and waiting for Swanny to take her out to dinner here.  But he and TJ were futzing with their cameras, and Photoshop, again.  Airrie, Ryleigh, Sierra, Sienna, Asami and I all had fun drinking wine while we were waiting for the fuddydud brothers...


Here I am in the Wine Cellar at Casa D'Swan...Wearing my fave LBD.  It was one of my first dresses.  I still wear it a lot. It's just a simple tube dress from Guess that we got at H&M on clearence.   Swanny was so nice to invite us over so we could drink a shyt load of his wine... I we could do the photo shoot there.  Take it away TEEJ! 

 TJ: Thanks Tashka! WOW, all the girls look FAB!  We hope you have enjoyed this month's Foxx Fashion Blog featuring Tasha's editorial on Fashion Fails and the regular installment on the Classic LBD! 

Tasha: Special thanks to all of our friends, Hanna, Mondoon,  Kwench, Begog, Chrissy, Havefun, Celest, Azure, 0osik, Airrie and of course SWANNY!   



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So cool to be apart of your blog! Everyone looks great in there LBD's

How's the hangover ?



Thanks Airrie!!! It was a blast. I am fine...I drank plenty of water too.  Had to pee like a racehorse...But other wise I am ok. How about you?

Chrissy loved being part of your Blog Tasha!! All the girls look great.

Chrissy is so  pretty! Her LBD was bangin' too.   

Oh your fashionousness, that blog was fabulous, my ladies loved it. Guess I´ll have to hand my credit cards over. crying  They want their LBD´s and a lot of them. Chris 

smileyWatch those girls!TJwink