A Day At The Meet


Last month Rebecca joined me to the European/UK Doll Meet. The weather forecast was English weather. Well, it wasn’t that bad. So on Saturday morning we decided to do a photo shoot in the garden. Still Rebecca insisted on wearing her fur coat cool

During the afternoon the weather became more friendly, the sun winked. Rebecca went for a ride. Jurassic’s bike and still her fur coat as the perfect bike wear wink

She explained to me: “bike wear is important!” Sure, especially bike pantscheeky

Click picture for gallery and full-size photos.

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Rebecca is beautiful in biker yes
I also like her legging.

Hot pics nes ... BUT .... that Hat has gotta go! devil

Rebecca was able to heat it up a lot at the heat. Great pics of a stunning girl on an amazing bike. Chris

Hi Rebecca, 

It was great to see you again. Love your photos! You really managed to draw attention to yourself  on that bike with your pants down. 

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Hi Rebecca, 

I keep forgetting that giant dolls also have giant toes. Thanks you for the complaint. I have eliminated all names from my report. From now on I am only going to use fantasy names. After all it is just fantasy what I write, right?