Tokyo Pleasures

Tokyo Pleasures
Hi everyone. For the last couple of years I had planned to take a trip to Japan but for some reason or another it didn't happen.
This year it finally did.
Of course my girls would want to travel with me, but unless they were able to stow away in my carry-on that wasn't going to happen.
Dee pointed out that Fubi may be small enough to fit in my case.

When I mentioned to Fubi that I could take her back to The Mirai Store in Gotanda she got quite upset.


I had to explain that we were going to visit the store to buy her some new outfits and see some old friends.
I wasn't going to leave her there.
How could she think that?

Anyhoo, we did visit The Mirai Store and also Doll Point in Akihabara (that's where Dolfie lives) and I spent way too much on new outfits (and wigs) for Fubi but to see how happy she was made me happy too.
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I will also mention that these photoshoots were not planned.
They just happened,using the photo function on my video camera with no flash and only the lights available in the hotel room.

Fubi just looked so cute I had to capture the moments.

Just like all my girls, this little lady knows how to push my buttons.
With the morning sun streaming through the window, Fubi was content to gaze at this busy city passing by many storeys below, happy with the events of the night before.
I you too sweetie
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Ooh, she's an adorable one, all right!

Hi DeesMan, she is an amazing cutie, so sweet and sexy. Great pics too. Chris

I have not been away from my girls for more than one night before this trip, so I was was missing them. Having Fubi with me sure made a difference. I hadn't thought of taking pictures. She was having so much fun in Japan and started teasing me by posing on the bed and said to get some pics to show the girls at home. She loved the idea of doing some extras for the blogcheeky

It must have been a lot of fun to have her with yousmiley