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The house was silent last night.Courtney whispered to Erica meet me it the bath and we will continue with the makeup you look great so far! make shure he is asleep!wink but what if he wakes up. Twlight replied if he does Ilaugh will thke care of him!   A cold rain was falling and I was about to doze off. It was dark but I new it was Erica by the smell of her perfume and her softness she cralled up next to me gave me a soft kiss and we tangled up together her head on my chest. I drifted off to sleep!smileySometime that night I woke and relized she was gone!surpriseI sat up called her name. there was Twilight standing there.With a quick hand jesture she said" back in the bed" I felt lifted up and put back on the pillows!She then pointed at my head and told me "sleep" I felt drozey where did she learn this Jetti stuff? I heard Erica and Courtney chatting at the Tub and I was off to la la landsmiley. When I woke Erica said "don't you want to take me shopping? todaysmiley I guess i'm in trouble now!wink

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No no, you are not in trouble at all, you are lucky. Who´s in trouble is just your credit card. cheekyChris

smileywith the wedding coming upI guess its full speed ahead!wink