The Wedding Of Harrison And Melody, A TDF Cross Over Event!


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Why do we do what we do, who knows and who cares. My first blog is the direct result of a cross over story between two TDF threads, OlmanOz (we at StarLight refer to his thread as: OZland) and myself. A simple chance meeting that has led to a story of death, love, salvation and a happy ending.

Melody was a victim of a sex slave trade and was saved by Harrison and then made the decission to follow him back to OZland. They have fallen deeply in love and have requested that they want to be married were it all started. Here on the SpaceMall and of course we at StarLight are thrilled  to use our facilities to handle the affair.

We start with the Boys, Harrison and his best man and brother, Jones, being fitted for their Tuxes, Jones breaks his bow tie in the process and all laugh because they didn't realize you need to tuck in your shirt.

While visiting the bar for a few quick ones the boys meet Lil B, the establishments security, and he asks to be the ring bearer.

We jump right into the actual wedding and looking dapper both Harrison and Jones wait  for the bride to be.

Poor Lil B, lost the rings and in a last min hunt (I forgot to buy some) he found some brass washers to substitute for them. Harrison and Jones chuckle and told him it is okay, these will do for now.

Next we had some guest appearances for our lovely flower ladies, first up are the irrestable Yi and Yong, curtsy off  hollows+fentiman and then the gerogous Carly thanks to carlys-guy, both are close friends to both OZland and StarLight.

Our brides maid is Gyn (from OZland) and our Bride is accompanied by Casino (from OZland) who is a close friend and flew the happy couple to out establishment. He takes his seat and I swear he is hitting on my Chloetu, lol.

Our priestess is the brand new TBLeague Cleo, deluxe set and is portraying Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.

Pretty much your standard affair, do you, yes, do you, yes put on the ring (or washer) and no one notices, you may kiss the bride. Congratulations you are now married! Long live the happy couple!!

Now let's all head to the bar for some toasting!!!!

Thanks For Viewing!!




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On behalf of sally and myself We just wanted to be amoung the first people to say Congratulations to the happy couple.. (Sally can't stop crying)..hehe.

When Harrison first broke out of his box from storage under my desk I was quite suprised but also angry. However once I discovered he had gone to the space mall to free slaves, who was I to get in his way..?

And when he returned with a loverly mild mannered girl I couldn't help but let her stay. ( still haven't figured how they got to the mall and back)...!surprise

The boys must have been very nervous, as there was a few mishaps getting dressed. Just as well Rodger was there to help calm them down. 

It also appears that Lil "B" has been had a change of attitude since being invited to be the ring bearer.. Good on him...Mmm what does his future hold we ask..??

No expense was spared by starlight establishment in building a new entertainment area attached to the bar in which the wedding was held.. The highligfht being a large veiwing window underneath a beautiful super nova. I'm sure many a kiss will be stolen under its enchanting light?

Three cheers to starlight for the exquisite furnishings,  and a big thanks to George for playing the piano music.yes

All the guests looked wonderful and I give a special mention to Yi, Yong and Carly for making the effort to support Melody on her big day. Nice to see Gyn and Cassino in fancy clothes too..smiley

I also extend a special thanks to the goddess of love for agreeing join them in matrimony. Hopefully she will cast a spell of love over all who attended..winkheart

And what can I say about Melody... Harrison is one very lucky fellow to have married such a beautiful young lady. I hope they will have a wondeful honeymoon (amoung the moons in space) and live a long and happy life together.. ( Guess I better set up another room at the farm for them to live in once rthey return...hehecheeky

Once again Congratulations and hope to see you all at the reception back on Lones TDF thread.

Last but by no means least. A massive thanks to Loneranger who agreed to take on the difficult task of being the chief "Wedding Organizer". Well done. A sensational effort. You should be very proud of your achievment.





Thanks OZ! We appreciate your kind words are thrilled that our first big event was to send two very special people on the road of life joined together in love!!



great article loneranger carly is over the moon for being allowed to be in the wedding (just hope it doesn't give her any ideas). carly likes to dress casually by enjoys dressing up every once in a while. we can't wait to see the reception and what further adventures come up.


carlys_guy and a very happy carly snugglemore

Thanks Carly - More to come on TDF!

I tip my cap to you LR for putting this together. Welcome to CD ... Spectacular first Blogyes

Thanks and thank you for all the help...