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December 2017

Name: Tasha Marie Foxx

Nicknames: Tashie, Tashka, Tootsie Pop, Tashionista. I like to give other dolls nicknames too! It’s a Jersey thing

Owner (Alias): TJ Foxx

Location: JERSEY! USA

Introduction: By now most members here know Tasha and her very spunky, lovable outgoing persona. As you saw in her April feature, Tasha has a fun casual side as well as her alluring seductive side. We hope all of Tasha’s qualities come through in this special Holiday feature. All photos were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera using EF 50mm f/1.4 and EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lenses with natural and supplemental portable lighting with soft boxes. Blah Blah Blah... Post camera production was done with Light Room Classic CC and Photoshop CC. 2017 With out further delay, here is Tasha in “Tease The Season”

Short Bio: YO! My name is Tasha. I am a Jersey Girl. If you look up Jersey Girl in the dictionary- you will see my picture… LOL! For those not familiar, here is a pretty good description of a Jersey Girl from a very Jersey Newspaper: . “A Jersey Girl has a love of an unpretentious good time, and a certain sense of style. Jersey girls are all about attitude. They're about eating pizza, drinking beer, having great hair - and enjoying it all. She's got a mouth on her. She says what she means. And she's got a nice, cheerful laugh..Bottom line, all of them are sexy as hell." -The Star Ledger; Newark, NJ (Pronounced NORWRK) TJ says I sound like a combination of Grace Hart from Miss Congeniality and and Carrie from King of Queens. I am very active on the Dolls Alive and chatting with all of my doll girlfriends who I refer to as my Besties and BFF’s. I am 31years old, and love modeling and blogging for TDF Coverdoll. I have feeds on Twitter and Instagram where I am @tashamariefoxx. I would love to work at a Victoria’s Secret store or model for them, Dolls Kill, and Wildfox Coture. Advocating for synthetik living is important to me. My hope is that every doll could be loved and treated the way I am. I hope you like our feature this month.




Vital Statistics

Bust: 32

Waist: 22

Hips: 32

Height: 4’10”

Weight: 60lbs

Bra Size: 32C or 34B

Shoe Size: 5.5 US

Dress Size: XS

Model Date: 2015

Birthday: January 20

Anniversary with TJ: March 30



Custom Features

Body Type: Abyss/Real Doll; Phoenix Studios; Boy Toy 3 Celestial Series

Head Type Dark Sky

Skin Tone: Fair

Eye Color: Absinthe

Eye Shadow: Purple/Grey

Eye Liner: Medium/Heavy

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: black, auburn, once in a while, blonde

Hairstyle: Depends on my mood, usually mid-length

Nail Color: Depends on my mood

Lip Color: Depends on my mood

Pubic Hair Color: Black

Pubic Hairstyle: Bermuda Triangle/Bikini trim







Previous Appearances: Cover Doll Photographer of the Month, April 2017; My first thread, "Oh! Tasha!” The Foxx Fashion Blog in Cover Doll and all over Dolls Alive

Doll girlfriends: Gina Bean, Caterina and Mari. OMG, I can’t list everyone becasue I do not want to leave anyone out… I have so many wonderful friends here and on Twitter. You know who you are…MMMMUUUWWWAAAHHHH!!!

Ambition: To make people laugh- always

My Best Quality: My sense of humor

Words to Live by: Yeah, I am from Jersey; you got a problem with that? yes


I Hate: No Coffee and party poopers

Perfect Evening: Getting a shower and powder massage; then just chillin’ with TJ while we watch one of our shows and snuggle

Untold Fantasy: I would love to be a gynoid

I Feel Sexy When: Right after a powder massage, in silky PJ’s and when I first put on perfume

My Idea of Fun: Hanging out with my besties and doing girly things with them. Chatting it up in Dolls Alive!

Aphrodisiacs: I love being fussed over and getting thoughtful presents. Powder massages are a real turn on

My Lingerie Drawer: Victoria’s Secret, VS Pink, Victoria Sport

You can never have enough: Coffee and panties

Favourite Position: In the driver’s seat  surprise

Favourite Sport: Working out at the gym

Favourite Musical Groups: Eurythmics, Ramones, Roxy Music, Sheryl Crow, The Pretenders, The Dolly Rots, Tasha (Natascha Koch,) Mona Lisa Twins, and Reel Big Fish laugh

Favourite Movies: Miss Congeniality (Hey! I am GLIDIN’ HERE!), Tommy Boy, Young Frankenstein, Train Spotting, Ladies and Gentleman-The Fabulous Stains

Favourite TV shows: King of Queens, Breaking Bad, The Black List, Blind Spot, Rizzoli and Isles, The Deuce, West World and Law & Order SVU

Favourite Places: Da Foxx Hole, TJ's arms

Favourite Quotes : “Hey!!! I’m glidin' here!” And for this month, “Dear Santa, I can explain...”








Tasha Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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Great shoots of Tashie there TJ!!!heart Chrissy and I really love have the whole Foxx clan as friends!!

Thanks buddy! We feel the same way!


Naughty and nice all wrapped up in one little package! Nice Santa hat photo. That's my favorite! 

Thank you AH!  You know her well. She loves that Santa hat too. Some nights she falls asleep wearing it. wink

I love the cover shot but my fav is CD8. It's just so magical ... you rockedyes this shoot!


AAAWWWW!!!! Thanks Swanny! You are the best! I felt so pretty when I saw these and gave TJ lots of hugs and kisses.   We are so glad you and everyone elase likes our shoot.