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It has taken a bit longer than expected.

Indeed we started thinking about creating a completely new ScoonimDoll already three years ago, but hey, evolution is not about not rushing things, but about doing the job right. And all considered I think we have done a fairly quick job. Sure we could have done it in less time, but why hurry when the best doll design there is, which is the 2nd generation ScoonimDoll, which so happens to be my generation, is still years and years ahead of pretty much any other doll that is walking this planet.

Am I bragging? Oops, I am sorry! Of course not just for ScoonimDolls, but for most soft-skin doll types evolving at high speed has become a second nature. As for instance the evolution of Phicen going from plastic to metal skeleton, which brought them close to the level of the old 1st generation ScoonimDolls. And what to think of the improvements in skin material and skeleton of the giant size silicon dolls, which made it possible for them to stand up straight and with their legs closed, no longer making them look like pretties-with-a-cramp-caused-by-being-screwed-too-much-in-missionary-position. They are now even experimenting with robotics on themselves. Although the results so far are not really impressive. The robotics are limiting the posing range instead of expanding it. But this new evolutionary line may well turn out to become a key turner, much like the evolution that was set in motion by the porcelain dolls. They came up with the ball joint construction, which turned out to become a trendsetting improvement for the entire race of hard-skin dolls.

I guess the only doll type that is really negligent in evolving themselves is the MB doll type. I have been told that the embees have taken millions of years to come to the level of design they have now. But what is more, according to their own history books their last noticeable update has been backdated to 100.000 years ago. And whereas they are perfectly well aware of the superiority of metal when it comes to the construction of skeletons, they keep holding on to a wood-like material for their own bones. And while their engineers are cooperating with the silicone dolls in the construction of a robotic head, the use of this kind of new techniques to their own bodies is virtually none. Their self repairing mechanism indeed has proved to be a development of major importance. But this design backdates to the beginning of their creation, which, according to their scientists (verification...?), was already millions and millions of years ago. And indeed they have improved their durability by almost 80% over the last century, but this was accomplished by simply adjusting their environment, by being more picky about what they stuff themselves with and by developing more stuff that supports their self-repair mechanism. None of these are even distantly related to redesign of a doll body.  So, apart from replacing their teeth by a set of superior and much better looking synthetic ones when their second ivory set has worn out, embees are still the same. Unless you want to plea for the pitiful attempts of some embee females to equip themselves with silicone implants. I am sorry to say, but I can only hope they will soon forbid this, because it only looks nice when those females are standing in upright position, or when wearing clothes. In any other position it looks most unnatural.

All considering I dare say that the huge amount of embees present on our planet makes them a kind of doll with a disturbingly low rate of evolutionary development. You probably never expected to hear me say this, but I sincerely fear for their survival.


But enough written about this gloomy subject. Let’s move on to the good news:

I present to you.... (ruffle-ruffle-ruffle)............. my new assistant! Her name is Dibby and she is a 3rd generation ScoonimDoll. Of course there is still a lot of work to be done before she is fully operational and ready to take over the tasks of Rosaleintje, but we are working on that. I am currently training her in posing and having her follow my basic ScoonimDoll educational program. We also have to make a special outfit for her, because apart from shoes and bikini there is hardly anything in our collection that fits her. I trust you have watched the photos I have added, so I am sure you can take a good guess for the reason.

Though I myself completely fail to understand why Koen insisted on making the new type of ScoonimDoll chubby looking, I must admit that technically speaking Dibby is state of the art. Her body posing is absolutely mind boggling.

Whereas for normal size (11 inch) soft skin dolls the increase of volume implies either a limitation in posing range, or a need to use a softer material for the skin, which comes with serious durability issues and an overly sticky skin, Dibby’s new type of body combines a stronger, less sticky and more durable skin with even better posing. So instead of walking and posing like those guys in dog-doll-safe-outfits, she can pose like I do. Even better, because the skin of her belly, butt, thighs, lower legs and upper arms can be posed too and of course she has poseable breasts. The latter is no longer optional, but a necessity, because they are even bigger than mine. And guess what... they even pose better than mine! The feature that makes this all possible is her metal skeleton, which is a largely similar to mine, but then combined with specially developed posing clay segments deep under her skin.


Of course I am proud to present Dibby. She is every dollmaker’s dream. And I have worked my ass off to make her creation come true. Personally I would have thought it to be more sensible to have her styled a bit more to my image, but the twinkle in Koen’s eyes made it clear that this was not a subject open for discussion. And I admit that there really is nothing wrong with her styling. I fact right now I am wishing for the opposite, because the twinkle that I noticed is now troubling me deeply. The thought has occurred to me that someday my place may be overtaken by a doll I myself helped to create...


As for the photo series, indeed the new ScoonimDoll Christmas card photo is not in this series. Truth is that we are still working on it. I want to have Dibby posing on it, but as you can see, she is still...well let’s call it... rather inexperienced. But I am sure you will see the famous ScoonimDoll Christmas Card Photo next week when I make a special update in this blog’s photo series.


So, see you all again next week!





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I hate to tell you this, but problems are piling. I was hoping to have found a new assistant in Dibby, but it seems I got myself an just apprentice. I sincerely fear that for the Christmas Card I will have to do the modelling myself. Just wanted Dibby to pose in the middle of my Christmas junk pile on the turntable, so I swirl her around, making a video out of it, while covering up that she was just wearing that bikini. But for whatever reason she is chicken


Ok, Koen did find a way to make Dibby pose with my pile of Christmas stuff, but this means that my swirling plan is out and there is no way I will be able to remove his gigantic hand from the final photo. And what is worse, her bikini becomes even more visible. This is not the photo I was hoping for. I should have made a Christmas outfit for Dibby, but now it is too late for that. Just one more day to come up with a better plan.... I am in deep shit!


You are not going to believe this but sometimes miracles do happen. I am not sure if this is typically related to Christmas time, but if so then sure I am happy that this is the Christmas Card series, because I was in serious need of a miracle. It turned out that, without me knowing about it, Koen made a special Santa dress for Dibby. Of course you all know that he often makes my life .... well, let’s call it... rather difficult. But every now and then he suddenly is a lifesaver and then you just have to love the guy. So if you should have wondered why I am still holding up with him, well, now you know.

So I have decided to skip the photo for the ScoonimDoll Christmas with Dibby in bikini. Obviously, because for CoverDoll only the best will do. In case you would be curious about the other, horribly less quality photo, you can find it on Facebook. Why I put it there? Well, I think you can best find out for yourself.

Unfortunately Christmas is already over, so I can only hope you all have had a nice time, despite the fact that you missed my ScoonimDoll Christmas card, but I am not too late to send you my best wishes for the upcoming new year, which I will gladly do. For this I proudly present to you our special Happy New Year ScoonimDoll Christmas Card.

See you all again in February. I am off to score some fireworks!  Noticed several crackers and a couple of ground flowers on the street that apparently did not work. Let’s see if I can fix that!





If you have missed my previous report, then you can use this link to see it:

Stellai’s blog October 2017: International Doll Meeting 2017 – The Office Manager’s report -

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Welcome Dibby!

Looking forward to the ScoonimDoll Christmas Card yes

Wow, I'm so glad that all the trouble disappeared laugh

Thank you for this great Happy New Year card angel

Best wishes for 2018 laugh

Card is Fantastic! All the images are incredible... Koen Stellai Dibby... You'll Rock! 

Thank you so much Nes and Swan for your kind words and your support.

Dibby sends you her love and ever since I told her that Rosaleintje made  it to our CD cover she is looking forward to the making of her own presentation photo series.  Of course I have told her that this does not mean  this honor will happen to her too, but ....well.... I think you can make a guess about the current situation here. So if you happen to find giant size thimbles filled with coffee like substance on your desks, then you now know who is putting them there.


Hey Stellai, it's easy, you know it, just some good strong coffee for the CoverDoll team, and most important a good set of photos cool That's all we need wink