Welcome to Tissia, Kristy, Mélissa & Lexie


Hello all,

My roommates and I are pleased to open this blog. For this reason, I would like to present my girls :

Tissia Valentine

She's lovely. If I had only one girl, it would be her. She lives with me since december 2016 :


Kristy Delaure

She arrived 4 months after Tissia and is the other side of her. If I can't sleep, you can guess that she wanted to party all over the night for no reasons :

Mélissa Chantelle

She's at home since the beginning of the year. For the moment, she's shy and does not disturb the house. I feel a delicate girl that I want to protect and hug :

Lexie Morgane

She arrived at the same time than Mélissa. She looks very friend with Kristy... maybe too much friend. I would like to be a little mouse to see what happens when I'm away from home :

Amandine and Natasha lives here too. I hope to present them soon.

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Hey girls laugh great to see you here, I do like your photos cool




Very nice images your beautiful ladies Spootnik. Looking forward to finding out more about them. yes

Welcome! smiley