June 2000

Doll's Name: Joy

Doll's Nickname: Joe

Doll's Owner (Alias): Bill

Lives (State and Country): Kansas, U.S.A.





Vital Statistics

Bust: 40"

Waist: 26"

Hips: 36"

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 120 lbs.

Bra Size: 38DD

Shoe Size: 7

Dress Size: 6

Model Date: Early 1999



Custom Features

Body Type: 3

Head Type: 2

Skin Tone: Medium

Eye Color: Brown

Eye Shadow: Natural

Eye Liner: Medium

Eye Liner Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brunette

Hairstyle: 3

Nail Color: No hard nails-Natural color

Lip Color: Pink

Pubic Hair Color: Brunette 

Pubic Hairstyle: Natural




Previous Appearances: RDOL, Bill's Doll bed,
Victoria's Closet.

Video: Cherry 2000.

Ambition: Systems Annalist.

My Best Quality: Good listener.

Doll Girlfriends: Amber and Holly.

Words To Live By:  Do your very best.

I Love: Cuddling

I Hate: Being alone.

Prefect Evening: Evening: Dinner and a movie at

Untold Fantasy: Skydiving.

I Feel Sexy When: Wearing Tight Jeans.

My Idea of Fun: Modeling clothes for my man.

Aphrodisiacs: Cinnamon

My Lingerie Drawer: Mostly from Victoria's

You Can Never Have Enough: Sexy underwear.

Favourite Sport: American Football.

Favourite Position: Bronco rider.

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs:  Have you
ever seen the rain.

Favourite Artists, Paintings: Little Mermaid.

Favourite Movies, Directors: Blade Runner,
Ridley Scott.

Favourite Authors, Books: Pinocchio.

Favourite Quote: "It is not how
much you do, but how much love you put in the doing."

Favourite place: Disney World.





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Do you remember me?

I've lost my old account "blue-e/Taka"

This "taka_uk" is my new account.


The girl's name is not Joy.

She is my girl Julia!

Her data was follow...

CoverDoll Data Sheet

Doll's Name: Julia
Doll's Nickname: Julia
Doll's Owner (Alias): blue-e/Taka
Lives (State and Country): Osaka, Japan

Vital Statistics
Bust:  30.75"
Waist:  24"
Hips:    34"
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 80 lbs.(apprix.)
Bra Size:  30A/32A
Shoe Size: 5 US 3 1/2-4 UK
Dress Size: 1-3
Model Date: Feb. 2000

Custom Features(Abyss Creations LLC, Realdoll 2000, Amanda)
Body Type: 4
Head Type: 7
Skin Tone: Fair
Eye Color: Brown
Eye Shadow: Natural
Eye Liner: Light
Eye Liner color: Brown
Hair Color: Burnette or Dark Brown
Hairstyle: 5 or other wigs
Nail Color: French Manicure
Lip Color: Natural or use lip rouge
Pubic Hair Color: (confidential)
Pubic Hairstyle: (confidential)

Questionnaire(filled by Kharn)
Previous Appearances: RDOL,ハ CoverDoll and my own website
Video: Don't know about that.
Doll girlfriends: Gia, Sidore, Sabrina and more
Ambition: To be famous.
My Best Quality: gentleness
Words to Live by: Never put of until tomorrow what you can do today.
I Love: freedom
I Hate: officialism
Perfect Evening: Being pampered & having my photo taken.
Untold Fantasy: Hey if I told you that it wouldn't be untold.
I Feel Sexy When: I'm all dressed up and being photographed.
My Idea of Fun: Having my photo taken.
Aphrodisiacs: My love of life.
My Lingerie Drawer: A girl always need more.
You can never have enough: Attention.
Favourite Position: Naughty! That's my secret.ハ
Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: What ever makes me rock baby!
Favourite Artists, Matt at Abyss.
Favourite Movies, Directors: Too many to mention.
Favourite Authors, Books: Don't read much.
Favourite Quote: Nobody's perfect!
Favourite Places: the woods(so if you go down to the woods to day, you maybe in for a big surprise, and it won't be the teddy bears tea party, ha ha!).


I'm sorry to say, but she was retired at 2015.


So, I can post comments on your blog.

But, I tried to create entries on my blog in many ways,
though I couldn't create any entry.

Tell me, how to create entries on my blog, please.

Hi taka_uk, welcome cool

In regards to your question, I sent you a message.