Hey, I'm back!


My former account was "blue-e/Taka".

Old boys may be remembered me, I hope so.

Hey, it's you Kharn.smiley

I'm owner of Julia, Abyss Creations LLC, Realdoll 2000, Amanda.

I'm sorry to say, but she was retired at 2015.

My new partner is Saori, Candy Girl Ange 2015.

An attached photo with some make up, was taken at 2018/02/13.

And I've ordered 4woods A.I.doll Sisters(newest body type) Elle, the other day.

You can meet her(A.I.Sisters body) at 4woods Japan website.

She'll come to my home at 2018/04/18.


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It's really nice to see you back, Ella looks stunnig smiley.

I'm happy, that you remembered me.laugh

But who is Ella?  You mean Saori?