Foxx Fashion Blog March 2018: Animal Prints


Tasha: Hi everyone, welcome to another edition of the FFB!  You know this is where we like to talk about what's hot in fashion.   This month, we are going to look at animal prints.  Animal prints are very hot this season.  They are timeless really, they never go out of style.  They just wax and wane in popularity.  I have always had a couple cheetah/leopard print items but my interest was rekindled when Romee Strijd and Taylor Hill rocked the stage in Shaghai at the Victoria Secret show last fall with some smokin' hot animal prints.   Recently, Glamour and Vogue have also done features on animal prints.  Gina is joining me, talking about this topic while we fold our laundry. 

Gina: Yeah, Tashie!  Animal prints are SOOOOOOO cute! Their little paws are just so adorbale, especially kittens....

Tasha: G-Beans! I am talking about stuff like the bras we are holding.  The print looks like the pattern and/or colors of animal fur, not their paw prints.  Ya the cheetah print slip you are wearing?  OMG! EARTH TO GINA!  

Gina: Oopsies! Tee-hee! Kitteh paws are still really cute though...

Tasha:  BLONDES! GAH! Now, where was I?  Oh yeah...So we happen to be wearing some of our new cheetah prints.  Right now I have on a sports bra and a sheer tank over it.  Gina is wearing a slinky slip that is really hot stuff.   Good thing Teej is around and he can take pics of us for the Blog. TJ! Quit yer gawking and start shooting pics! What, like you never saw Gina's cleavage before? Sheesh! 


TJ: Huh? what? Oh.. yeah..yeah..okay.  UUUUMM...So Toostsie Pop, why not put on your nightshirt that matches GB's slip?

Tasha:  Fo' Shizzle Dorkizzle,  I love this top because it is really pretty and VERY silky!   


 Gina: Yeah Tash, that's why I like my slip. It's so silky it slips right on..and off!  Tee-hee.  Yo shortcake, what's the deal putting your butt on the table?  LOLZ.  What if I sat in the table like that? 

Tasha: Sure but you should get changed into our next outfit first.  Or else everyone will see that you aren't wearing any panties, Jenny McCarthy.   

 Gina: OMG!  BAHAHAH! You are such a little brat!  But you crack me up.  Okay, you get changed too.   Here I go, upsie-daisy!  OK Teej,  we are all set!  Hey!!!!  Tashie!!! What are you doing?


Tasha: Relax, Beans!  I am just sitting on yor lap so everyone can see the front and side of our tiger stripe sets. Good thing you put your panties on this time.  

Gina: Great idea Munchkin...HEY! I should give you a wedgie you little snot, BAHAHA.. You are too funny, I can't ever get mad at you.. Yo Teej, how about another shot from a little closer?  

Click image for gallery and full-size photos.

TJ: Sure thing girls, whatever you say.

Tasha: Ah-ite bbz. That's about it for now. Stay tuned to Dolls Alive for the FFB thread!. We want you to show us your animal print lingerie, PJ's, robes, dresses, tops, pants, coats, and accessories like shoes, handbags and hats! We will even have a few more of us too. We will also talk about how to wear animal prints and how NOT to wear them!  



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Nothin better than cougars in animal prints! I know Tash will give me the jersey slap for calling her a cougar but she is! She now sit deep inside! Grrrrrowl! 

First off ... no way Tash and Gina are old enough to be cougars... but they sure do purr 

Another top notch blog ladies!