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Last month I was busy with getting as many sets for Doll4Ever out as I could. Since I have completed the work I am free again to do photos of the other ladies I have around.

I am however, getting a 146cm doll with 3 extra heads and just received two heads from Jeff and SM doll, which look so lovely!

Much of the newer sets needed custom props and I managed to get some nice pictures outdoors too since the weather was great. I really enjoy the outdoors and getting dolls outside 

can be a challenge. I have the privacy and all, but it's really the effort that's needed - such as carrying a heavy doll outside and the need for custom standing rigs etc..

Outdoors is challenging not just because of high dynamic light ranges, but also because of irradiance which causes color bleed or color reflections from bright objects. For example,

I use a custom gold reflector and a custom white balance to eliminate color cast from leaves. This really has been a challenge for me, as just a white balance adjustment was not enough.

In photoshop, one has to reduce green and increase red (Magenta) from the CMY RGB color wheel to reduce green cast. I do not have a separate adjustment in the camera that can do this, except

for the general color balance of all three primary colors at once. The Samsung S8/S9 has this in software in camera, where you can adjust these parameters and not all DSLR's offer this.

A generic reflector is great and these can be had from Amazon for almost nothing. The issue is they require an extra hand to hold it steady onto the subject. Well - I made a few rigs to do this - and even tied it to a tree trunk!

Also, I use a piece of wood with a nail (it goes into the ground) in it to balance the doll standing - and that really helps get those standing alone shots, but sometimes you need to  photoshop it out when it's visible.

Well looks like rain is on the way for the weekend, and that means more indoor sets!


Well anyway, I'll get to the pics!












Click image for gallery and full-size photos.





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