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March 2018

Name: Tracy

Doll's Nickname: Dimples

Owner (Alias): Alottahope

Location: United States of America

Short Bio: Tracy is an American girl and came to the Alottahope Ranch in 2015. She immediately became a big hit with Grace and Roxxanne (Alottahopes 1st 2 dolls). Tracy has positioned herself here at the ranch and in social media as a cutting-edge American trendsetter. She has been made famous worldwide for her fearless approach to sexuality and her unabashed support of those rebelling from the norm, Tracy has the cache many girls have only dreamed of attaining. Her delivery of sex; style and scandal create loyal fans. She not only remains as the showcase for the most beautiful dolls in the world, but she has strong roots that have allowed her to endure as a relevant and influential resource to sex doll porn and give fans exactly what they truly want.




Vital Statistics

Bust: 34"

Waist: 23"

Hips: 34"

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 75 lbs

Bra Size: 34C

Shoe Size: 7

Dress Size: 3-4



Custom Features

Body Type: Anonymous Smokin hot sex doll body.

Tan Lines Yes

Head Type Alicia

Skin Tone: Honey

Eye Color: Green

Eye Shadow: Icy Blue

Eye Liner: Yes

Eye Liner Color: Black

Eye brows: Implanted Nutmeg

Hair Color: Nutmeg

Hairstyle: Wavy curls with Bangs

Nail Color: Natural with french manicure

Lip Color: Custom Psycho paint with Violet Voss Emma custom mix.

Pubic Hair Color: Nutmeg

Pubic Hairstyle: Implanted and trimmed to a Nice V patch landing strip.

Honey pot: Custom scented glued insert with realistic colors darker on the out side, pink on the inside.







Previous Appearances: Twitter, Instagram, Penthouse, Hustler, Club magazines and The Doll Forum

Doll girlfriends: Grace and Roxxanne are my best friends and I have many acquaintances.

Video: Many porn videos on Porn hub and XVideos

Ambition: To live the American Dream

My Best Quality: I'm always curious and looking for fresh ideas to help make America Great!

Words to Live by: Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Go BIG or GO HOME! yes

I Love: Liberty, Freedom, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and the 1980’s

I Hate: Evil! Lets be clear. It is not Evil to drive a gas guzzling V-8 SUV. It is Evil to fly an airplane into a building to slaughter innocence.

Perfect Evening: A burger, fries, apple pie with an ice cream topping then Alottahope all night long.

Untold Fantasy: I will only reveal that in person but it does include hot apple pie and sex.

I Feel Sexy When: Morning, noon and night 365

My Idea of Fun: Licking my lips and making AH late for work.

Aphrodisiacs: When Alottahope hums in my ear. The vibration drives me nuts! wink

My Lingerie Drawer: Alottahope keeps guns in it! Shhhhhh! Besides, Im a jeans and a T shirt kinda girl.

You can never have enough: Blue skys

Favourite Position: The one I am in now!  surprise

Favourite Sport: Kitesurfing, but I love to watch curling.

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Jimi Hendrix The Star Spangled Banner, Led Zeppelin Going to California Lynyrd Skynyrd sweet home Alabama, ZZ Top Tush, Van Halen Ice Cream Man  

Favourite Artists, Paintings: David Uhl, John Singer Sargent, Rene Magritte.

Favourite Movies, Directors: ‘Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock.

Favourite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, 2 and a half men.

Favourite Photographers: Stacy Leigh and Mandos

Favourite Place: Yosemite, the beach and a warm bed.

Favourite Quote : 40 years, same 3 guys, same 3 chords. Billy Gibbons ZZ Top  








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Hey guys! Thanks alot! I appreciate your nice thoughts! Swanny, Thanks for helping it all to come to fruition!