The Crusades never looked so Good!!


This month I have choosen the newest release from my friends in Hong Kong, TBLeague. This new 'fantasy' figure is a portrail of a Knight of the Crusades.

Item No:PL2017-108 / Item Name:Majestic Crusader 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Of course any connection between this figure and real history is non exsistent. But that's not where the fun is, as it is all fantasy and illusion anyway. I for one am glad that she came with most of her outfit already on her. These figures, which are more collectable then playable, are best kept intact. I know it is a temptation but my own experience has taught me that the head can have many bodies.

This figure continues with incredable articulation and the feet as the boot make her standing unassisted a breeze. I got so excited with her that I almost forgot that she had a cape, a lance and a pendent some were in there. You need to remove the top big foam section and there they were in the bottom of the box.

Click image for gallery and full-size photos.

But these figures are also about context and what is a Knight without a horse and such a beauty can only be a heroine and thus lead her troops into battle!! 



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Truly incredible detail ... Your Blog is thoroughly enjoyed. Cheers LR!

Thanks Swan!!

nice pics her helmet looks like it's from lord of the rings.


Now that is truely a wonderful set of photo's. How did I miss them..? Or did you send them to me in a PM or email..(my mind is

You are building an army of warriors.. I sense war could be on the horrizon..? I'm sure we have not seen the last of these.. The detail is amazing. even your horses and equipment are so real it is impossible to tell they are scaled down models.. oe they..? hehehe.

looking forward to next months input.. Oz.