The Sainted Knight - The Maid of Orléans


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For the month of April I decided to show off a very unique figure. As they say, timing is everything as she was pre ordered in September 2018 and I received her this past Saturday. I have really gone of the reservation with this one. She is not a TBLeague / Phicen but is a POP Toys figure. I would describe her body as a basic Kumik plastic one and very prone to breaking. They do provide another set of microscopic rivets and leather support straps if you want to take the challenge and undress her. The answer of course, is no way! I have no desire to take that challenge. Everything on her body is real metal. It is held in place by tiny rivets and leather and such. It is amazingly accurate armor. The only plastic pieces are the hands. You get 4 gloved ones. Really hard to keep them on as any weight makes them fall off. I choose the package that came with 2 heads. The basic set is just the one with hair and the sculpted one is the Triumph Version.

The Sainted Knight of history was Joan of Arc, in French Jeanne d'Arc (French pronunciation: or Jehanne (c. 1412 – 30 May 1431), nicknamed " The Maid of Orléans " (French: La Pucelle d'Orléans), is considered a heroine of France for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War, and was canonized as a Roman Catholic saint.

SKU POP-EX19B POP toys 1:6 Action Figure Saint Knight Triumph Version

Dressing the Knight was very easy as she comes complete except for the sword sheath and belt. This buckle is  good size and was not that hard to do. I was a bit disappointed in that the helmet does not fit the sculpted head. But I should have realized that up front. It does fit the basic head but moving is limited as the pony tail has to fall between the raised collars. The other head has no such restriction. Before you ask, yes they are Phicen compatible. To me the head with hair has to much red in her complexion. Maybe one of the older soft footed bodies but she does not match the current crop of Phicen bodies.

SKU POP-EX19C POP toys 1:6 Saint Knight War Horse

What can I say. This was a bit of a challenge as you would imagine. It was further complicated by the fact that except for the face armor, which is plastic, the other plates are heavy metal. My wife was willing to become a human vice and held them in place as I did the buckles. As I went, after I got the adjustment correct, I placed a tiny drop of glue on the ends of the leather straps. I have no Illusion that I would ever want to remove the armor and do this again. This will also keep the buckles in place and no slippage. Once completed, I am most impressed with this horse. It is a solid cast heavy figure and the tack is really well made. I can see using this horse over and over.

In conclusion, I am not disappointed. Even with the crappy Kumik body, this is one awesome looking figure. I really needed a bigger set to do the whole combination justice.  

Joan of Arc was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920 at Notre Dame

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Jeanne d'Arc, she looks great!

Reminds me of ... oh I have to post this vid laugh





Wow! That was really cool! Thanks!!!

nice new figure lone but the poor horse has a lot of weight to carry.



Fact is the figure weighs more then 9 pounds what with all the metal!