A Headless Serpent


I invite you, curious wanderer, into my magical circle

Clap your hands together

Then thrust them forward

Spread them wide

Pierce the veil

that divides the realm of the known from the unknown

Descend with me into the unconscious mind

into the deepest of mysteries

Have faith, courage, and a little luck

where we are going you’re going to need it


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The head of the serpent has broken off

The body remains, still twisting in spirals of ecstasy

Where we are headed, the head will do you no good

only the body knows the way

This is the lesson we are being taught

This is the truth we cannot know, but only feel

Let the ego dissolve

melting away like ice cubes in a tumbler

Serpents dance around the roots of the world tree

languidly they whisper their cunning secrets

They twine and writhe into a pulsating mass of energy

pregnant with expectation

They climb, twisting up along the weary vertebrae of my spine

rivers of light snaking between mountains of calcified bone

They slither down along my arms

into the very tips of my trembling fingers

dripping with their sweet cheerful poison

They seep into the circuits of my keyboard

Then dance along the air like silent watchful clouds

Somehow, someway they find their way to you dear reader

Striking out like lightning through the window of your soul

your eyes



A prophet once said, the snake which cannot shed its skin must perish

So shed your old membrane with me

Find sweet supple skin beneath the derelict husk of whatever vessel you arrived in

This flesh is not the true flesh

This blood is not the true blood

Denude yourself in a beautiful, dangerous new way

Release what no longer serves you

open yourself to the infinite possibilities

of what you will become

A serpent’s head was lost, but an infinite number of heads are found

When we lose our heads, we can step aside

to let Her come through

Like the serpent, Her head was removed

But now Her head returns to its throne

a crown

a halo

a veil

a mirror


The Red Goddess has arrived



Come and worship with me, at the feet of the blessed Goddess

Let your searing passion feed Her

Fill Her grail with your living red blood

Ensnare yourself in her undulating red strands

Enter her quivering red doorway

Lose yourself

Leave your offering for her

Become nothing

A little death

Guard well Her secrets

Keep them close to your heart

engulfed in Her sweet desire

They are the flames that warm the darkest reaches of your soul

Their incense smoke tickles the highest abodes of heaven

In the reaches of the blackest abyss, they will warm you

She is here now, sending you Her power

Perhaps you can feel it?

Golden sun rays, streaking white hot through the cosmos

Transmuted by the moon into silver beams of reflected light

She lights the way in the dark

when you’re lost in the forest

hungry wolves circling

Sublime feminine power

Reflecting the solar flare desire in my own heart

pouring Her nectar straight into the camera lens

The camera wants to capture the real

But with Her divine help, it captures the unreal



My muse

My scarlet woman

My sacred hierodule

My concubine

My seeress

My alchemical homuncula

My artificial companion

My sex magick doll

Mia Metric

She is not the Goddess

She becomes the Goddess

She is not divinity

She is how I find the divine

She is not a real woman

She’s somehow something more

She is not my possession

I am possessed by her

But who am I, you ask?

I am no one

I am the ground She walks upon

I am the moth, drawn to Her moonlight

I am the serpent encircling Her

I am Her blessed lover


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Signed in my blood

which is the blood

of all the saints and

of all the sinners

Hierophant Baphometric












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Awesome first blog! Your an excellent photographer too!

Looking forward to your future here at CoverDoll.


Great blog and a hot welcome to Mia devil

Hellz Yeah! MORE MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!