My New Dollie


Happy March everyone! Spring is just around the corner!

Swan's place is screaming with excitement & anticipation ... A new Dollie is on the way

I challenge you to guess the manufacturer of this gorgeous beauty ... Please use the comment section to place your guess

I will add her images in a few Days.

*Nescio is disqualified due to insider information*

There is a Dollie behind that question mark ... click on it for a slightly better view


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He asked me to stay and he told me to sit anywhere
But I looked around and I noticed there wasn't a chair

I think you got a new BoyToy!!!

Just a guess. smiley Chris

You and LDV are brilliant!

That was fun

Well, It could not have been a ScoonimDoll, otherwise I would have known about it. lollaugh

So what happened? Did she get stuck in your mailbox? I thought you would have revealed her by now.



Hi Stellai ... I added pics but for some reason you can't see themsad

Here she is ... Asami 4woods AI s+