Sweeties & defending interests...


Hi folks,

I know that Amy, who joined us as last team member, is a very special lady. 
Not only that she's the eldest gal but she's one the most trickiest at SF's place. 

Here's a short story what happened to me:
Oh yes, Amy can be very charming when it comes to defend her interests and at this evening I DARED to defend my own.....hopeless?....totally!
- I think you can imagine how I felt when she was finished to defend her interests so NEVER say to your beloved sweeties that YOU are better in lovemaking as they rather can (charmingly) kill you......-


- SF -

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Hi SF, you should have known better, she will win all the time, no matter what you can bring to the table. She´s too beautiful to lose. But your pics are a big win! Chris

That's the lesson she gave to me. I hope I never lose her but I think she knows that I'm just like to tease!! Thanks dear Chris.

- SF -


Amy wins and that's that heart

gorgeous images SF!

Hey Swan, that's so right. 
Once you've your first dream of your dolls you know that they're the right companions in your life.....simply because you heart them so deeply!! Thanks much!

- SF -

Some times it's better to have some gifts ready when things go badly. and back to the bedroom to turn the tidewink 

Hey deerman, appreciate your hint and your experience collected over the years with your team. These dolls are so clever, too clever to win. Better to have some gifts ready and the use of a lot heart's.

- SF -


Hi SF,

I still do't know if I should laugh or just pity you*. How can you possibly  even think that you can 'defend your own interests' when you have dolls in your house like Amy.

If you are really desperate I advise you to start learning how to find your way blindfolded through the house wink



*I think it will be laughing ........ yeah,  it will definitely be laughing.

Sorry about that devil........ p-p-p-rrwwhhoohahahahahaha!! laugh

Hi Stellai,

'defending the own interests' works best for me when they comply with the ones my dolls likes to accept so walking blindfolded through a jungle is rather pity for me but I like some kidding and therefor we also love some laughing when I'm finally the looser. I love them and they're my ever best jewels I've in my  heart

- SF - smiley