Body language - A conversation with Mia


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Hi dear fellows,

just to say, it was an outstanding Sunday know, awaking while the sun raises up, taking together a refreshing prickling shower who boosts your mind, followed by a tasty breakfast as a good starter.....

Everthing is so great on this July weekend and the day has just rollin'on.

Hey sweetie Mia, tell me some nice things about you.....Yeah, and while she started to talk I grab the cam and caught some of her body language expessions.......that's how this blog took his way, so simply and expressive laugh

- SF & the team -



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Sweet Mia, can't stop looking at you heart

- SF -

Fantastic series SF!!! You reached the level in which posing no longer looks like posing. I can tell you must have had a great time with Mia making these photos.

Kudos! laughyes


Yes, we've had a great time doing this shoot and to reach the limit of Mia's flexibility is also a challenge.

Thank you dear Koen, we really appreciate your comment!!!

- SF & the team -

Hi SF, Mia is a real sweet talker, and a very beautiful one! Great pics of her amazing beauty! Chris

OOh, I really appreciate your words dear Chris because she's so deep in my heart.
Doll's are quite, they can't talk, they can't my mind they're more alive as most real girls ever were and that's so amazing. She fills my day with endless happiness, I hope it will last forever!!

- SF -



Mia is still beautiful and the photos are always very realistic.
Bravo Guy

She's my pretty talking girl and she knows to say nice things wink

Thank you Fred!!!

- SF & Mia -