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Svetlana & Molly


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August 2017

Name: Svetlana & Molly

Nickname: Sveta & Pinky

Owner (Alias): Von Rubber

Location: Megalopolis

Short Bio: Svetlana is Russian. She has lived another life previously and sometimes snatches of her personal history come to haunt her. She was delivered to me in March 2016. Molly is American. She entered in our life after a job interview in March 2017. She is now part of our family despite the fact that we know nothing about her. She still holds a lot of secrets even if she has unwillingly revealed a big one in the « Gym Session » episode of The Doll Laboratory Stories Comic!




Vital Statistics

Bust: 73cm / 98cm

Waist: 48cm / 60cm

Hips: 75cm / 86cm

Height: 140cm / 156cm

Weight: 25kg / 31kg

Bra Size: D cup / H cup

Shoe Size: 34-35 Euro size both

Dress Size: XXS - XS (apart from her boobs which are XXL)

Model Date: 2015 / 2016



Custom Features

Body Type: TPE / TPE

Head Type #36 / OR023

Skin Tone: Tan / Natural

Eye Color: Green / Turquoise

Eye Shadow: Dark Brown / Pink Violet

Eye Liner: Heavy / Heavy

Eye Liner Color: Black / Black

Hair Color: Burgundy Brown / Blonde

Hairstyle: Bob haircut / Long hair

Nail Color: Pink / Pink

Lip Color: Red / Bright Pink

Pubic Hair Color: None / None

Pubic Hairstyle: N/A







Previous Appearances: The Doll Laboratory Stories Comic

Video: None

Doll girlfriends: Svetlana & Molly are girlfriends!

Ambition: Get to know each other in a very intimate way

Their Best Quality: They always know how to please their Master

Words to Live by: smiley  

They Love: Sex! Though Molly won’t admit it!

They Hate: To stay in their boxes

Perfect Evening: Doing a photo shooting

Untold Fantasy: Live as humans can

They Feel Sexy When: They pose in front of the camera

Their Idea of Fun: Ending a photo shooting in the bed

Aphrodisiacs: The Master’s camera

Their Lingerie Drawer: is not full enough!

Favourite Position: They haven’t explored everything yet  surprise

Favourite Sport: Gymnastics for Svetlana and no sport for Molly!

Favourite Music, Songs: British Pop and Electronic Music laugh

Favourite Artists, Paintings: Kasimir Malevitch / Roy Lichtenstein

Favourite Movies: Blade Runner, Fantômas, Dr. Mabuse…

Favourite Comics(Authors): La Marque Jaune (E.P. Jacobs), HK (Trantkat), Bob Fish (Y. Chaland) and so many others!

Favourite TV show: The Outsiders

Favourite Places: The ones we can imagine

Favourite Quote : « Of all the qualities I possess, and God knows that there are many, the one I prefer is modesty! » Lord Brett Sinclair



Svetlana & Molly





Svetlana & Molly Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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Hi Von, great shots of that naughty pair Sveta and Pinky. As soon as I saw Sveta was on the cover I had to come and look. 

These two ladies will be international stars before long and will be getting jobs in Dollywood as soon as their comic reaches the shelves.

Top rate. Or top shelf?


Best wishes


Well done Von R...  This shoot is smoking hot!

Thank you! 

Thank you Mondoon, haremlover and swan! heart

Hi Von, your ladies are simply amazing, I hope they will unveil a lot more of their secrets. Great pics! Chris

Hi Von Rubber,

Thank you for this series. It is fantastic. I love the composition you have made. It is simply awesome. Also the posing of Svetlana and Molly is excellent. Very good work!! yesyesyes



Creator of ScoonimDolls