Fan and swimwear



Fan and swimwear

Heatwave outside and 29 ° c in the apartment. With these high temperatures, Lilica & Yurica dressed their swimsuits and they wanted to quench their thirst. Lilica chose a Coke in a can for refreshment, Yurica preferred a juice. But in the end, she chose a fan to get cooler. Lilica stretched out and closed her eyes. The fan to the bottom, Yurica stayed sideways.

Even to make the pictures, it was very hot!


Fred smiley



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Hi fred, I´m glad Lilica just relaxed, I almost thought she may have fainted from the heat. crying They look so cute together, beautiful pics as usual. yesChris

Hot girls on a hot summer day shoot, too hard to cool down :-)

- SF -

Ohh boy, you girls look like as if you were being boiled. I recommend that you persuade Fred to take you both to England next summer. We went this year andhad nice cool weather and plenty of rain there. yeswink