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October 2017

Name: Heather

Nickname: Pooky

Owner (Alias): Mishka

Location: CA,USA

Short Bio: Heather is from Santa Monica CA. I met her at Venice beach there while I was in Santa Monica. I was skateboarding between traffic (real story), and then went to skate at the boardwalk where it was nicer. I saw Heather there at the beach where she was clad in a two piece bikini, and was seen playing volleyball with some girls - and we simply met when her ball went off and bounced into me and I ended up face into the sand. She asked if I was ok, and I told her I was fine and asked if I wanted to grab a burger at the pier there to make me feel better. It was love at first sight - fast forward several months, and now she wears my ring. Heather is a grad student at UCSD where she's studying for her PhD in Biology, and hangs out at the beach when not in class. She also teaches undergrads part time there. Heather tells me she is quite good at playing against other guys. I told her I was a photographer and would love to get some pics of her. She obliged and we went to her house to get ready for the shoot.




Vital Statistics

Bust: 37

Waist: 27

Hips: 37

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 80lb

Bra Size: 32F

Shoe Size: US7

Dress Size: Medium, Size 8/10

Model Date: 2017



Custom Features

Body Type: Silicone Realdoll body F

Head Type Tanya

Skin Tone: Light Tan

Eye Color: Custom hires Blue

Eye Shadow: Brown

Eye Liner: Light

Eye Liner Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brunette

Hairstyle: Permed

Nail Color: Dark Red

Lip Color: Dark Red

Pubic Hair Color: Dark Brown

Pubic Hairstyle: Natural/Heart Shaped







Previous Appearances: None, just a novice

Video: None, or not yet

Doll girlfriends: Stacie, who's my RD2 Body D girl

Ambition: To live life to its fullest

Best Quality: Eager to try something at least once

Words to Live by: Peace, love and understanding yes

I Love: Drinking Coffee and watching the surfers

I Hate: Angry people

Perfect Evening: Wine and Mishka playing guitar for me

Untold Fantasy: Playing with myself when someone watches

I Feel Sexy When: relaxing by myself

My Idea of Fun: Putting on my best club dress and going out

Aphrodisiacs: Seeing Mishka Naked

My Lingerie Drawer: used to be Mishka's Drawer

You can never have enough: Money and time!

Favourite Position: Cowgirl  surprise

Favourite Sport: volleyball

Favourite Music, Songs: Gothic Heavy Metal, and Baroque Classical laugh

Favourite Artists, Paintings: Don't really have any

Favourite Movies: Bladerunner, all StarTreks

Favourite Authors, books: Anthony Pierce, and anything Scifi, Fantasy

Favourite TV show: Star Trek

Favourite Places: a special place we hang out in Hawaii

Favourite Quote : What seems to be seen is nothing but a dream within a dream








Heather Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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Heather is a stunning dollie! I'm not usually into F size but Wow!

Really enjoyed your shoot series ... nicely done.

I know it was s long wait for Heather  .... But Soooooo worth it!heart

Hi Heather, you look gorgeous, thank you for fulfilling your untold fantasy for us. That was hot! Chris

Hi Heather,

It is a delight to have you on our cover. Like Chris said, you are a stunner and being befriended with, (or is it engaged to?)  Mishka ensures that you will look gorgeous on every photo we will ever see from you. You lucky girl!! 

Say, if we ever meet in the flesh (which should be 'in the silicone', but since embees came up with the expression...) we can do a marathon in watching Star Trek!  winkyes