Mishka's Studio - A behind the scenes peak: Making of a Coverdoll Shoot


Some cool stuff for this month!

I have my lovely RD2 Body F - Heather, featured in Coverdoll, and what a great tribute to a fine lady!

Well, I got the last month's camera comparison completed, and now I am using both the Samsung S8 and Nikon D750 to compliment this awesome photo shoot.

This month I am going to take you behind the scenes and give you an idea of some backdrops and lighting props used in the Coverdoll photo shoot.

For one set, I used three lights - two fills and a direct incandescent warm fill light. You can see it below

In this set, you can see the same lights, but a different scene set up. Check out the warm color from that 100W incandescent lamp!

In this set, have a look at the scene and light placement. The warm light is behind her.

Getting dressed - that is a fun part. I hang her so dressing is easier.

So, finally, here are some final pics:

There are many more, check them out in this months Coverdoll cover - featured Doll!


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Hi Mishka, thank you for letting us have a look behiund the scenes. It´s a stunning shoot. Chris

Hi Mishka,

You have no idea how much I appreciate your blog. Your blog is my only hope that one day Koen will  succeed in making a just one nice looking glamour photo.

Keep up the good work!