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TJ: Hey all! TJ and Tasha here with this months FFB! I am going to turn it over to Tashionista.

Tasha: Thanks Teej!  Well, dollies, this month we are not only bring you up to the minute fashion news but a new take on Blogging here in Cover Doll!  Last month we had other participate in the blog to show us their stylish LBD’s. This got me thinking. Why limit participation from all of you to before we publish the blog?  

The October fashion theme is “Active Wear” and we will continue it all month in Dolls Alive! with a thread, making the blog interactive.  So we will start it off here and hope you all participate by sharing your thoughts and pics of you in your active wear!

Why active wear? Active wear is VERY hot this year. Almost every store and clothing company has their own line of active wear.  It isn’t just for the gym anymore. You can dress it up or down!. I was telling you all last month that I like to wear it just to run out quick to the coffee shop or ATM.


Here is a pic where I kind of dressed up one of my sets with outfit with a mesh t-shirt. I posted this on my instagram and twitter feeds.


Cick on image for full size and gallery

Now here is the same outfit without the mesh at the gym. The outfit is a VS laser cut sports bra with the matching leggings




Gina Bean has the same laser cut pants in dark pink. Here she is with them on and one of her sports bra’s.  She says they feel great even when stretching and doing lunges.  Don’t they look great on her?




I love the versatility of these clothes.  Here is the VS Pink bonded legging and matching bra. As you can see I got really lazy this month and wore hat the whole time so I didn’t have to do my hair. LOLZ…




We are REALLY looking forward to keeping the interaction going all month long in Dolls Alive! So get your gear on and GET ACTIVE!  Remember, you don’t have to be working out, just doing something. We are all about synthetik living so we want to see you active, that could be cooking, reading, watching a movie, playing video games, cleaning, eating, having tea, coffee, or cocktails.…and of course SHOPPING!  Napping and nookie, don’t count this time. 


We will be adding pics and discussion all month so see you all in Dolls Alive!




Tashie, Gina, and  TJ

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Hi Tasha, Laurence enjoyed the blog a lot, still wearing her new yoga pants and yoge T, she´s too lazy to do workouts like you. :) She says the combination with the mesh T really rocks! Chris