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November 2017

Name: Cat

Nickname: none

Owner (Alias): Mizuwali

Location: Taiwan

Short Bio: I am Cat, 22 years old, born in Taiwan, after guratuating i went to work in China as a showgirl and model for online stores. I always join some video game shows and cosplay shows as a show girl. But my main job is a lingerie model for online stores. I am working hard now, my target is becoming the owner of an online store, which selling my own brand lingerie. I like sports to keep my weight and health, most time i am running in the morning and do Yoga in the evening after working. I like the active life with sunshine, hope you guys love me




Vital Statistics

Bust: 87cm

Waist: 56cm

Hips: 92cm

Height: 170cm

Weight: 36kg

Bra Size: 34F

Shoe Size: 5 US

Dress Size: S

Model Date: OCT 2017



Custom Features

Body Type: DH170 EVO

Head Type Cat

Skin Tone: White

Eye Color: Blue

Eye Shadow: Brown

Eye Liner: Light

Eye Liner Color: Black

Hair Color: Light Gold

Hairstyle: Middle-Long Straight

Nail Color: Clear Natural

Lip Color: Light Pink

Pubic Hair Color: N/A

Pubic Hairstyle: Shaved







Previous Appearances: None

Video: None

Doll girlfriends: Faye,Sasa, Natasha, all girls in Doll House 168 family

Ambition: Lingerie store owner

Best Quality: Active

Words to Live by: Be active, be sunshine yes

I Love: Honest

I Hate: Betray

Perfect Evening: Secret

Untold Fantasy: Secret

I Feel Sexy When: Do sports

My Idea of Fun: keep sunshine

Aphrodisiacs: None

My Lingerie Drawer: All are in our lingerie store

You can never have enough: Time

Favourite Position: Every natural position  surprise

Favourite Sport: Running

Favourite Music, Songs: Jazz laugh

Favourite Artists, Paintings: Mizuwali

Favourite Movies, Directors: Ang Lee

Favourite Authors, books: Higashino Keigo

Favourite TV show: None

Favourite Places: West Lake

Favourite Quote : Be active , be sunshine








Cat Photo Shoot CLICK HERE




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Cat looks like a sweet kitten Mizuwali ... Beautiful shots!

Hi Cat, you are a beauty, I see why you are so succesful doing lingerie ad pics, you have the perfect body to do it. And a very beautiful face to go with it. Hail to the Coverdoll! Chris