Mishka's Studio - Heather, my RD2 Body F and Doll4Ever


This year looks like it's off to a full swing already. I completed a few pics for Doll4Ever for their Iris 100cm doll, and now I get to have her displayed at home. She's quite a fine doll.

AVN was last month and another doll was sent for promo pics. This one is the newest 165cm (~95lb) - amazon woman doll with great calves and large chest. I have bought a wheelchair to take her around and do pics. She will be featured here in TDF in a few weeks when I process the thousands of pictures from the 4 sets. I really feel her weight, and carrying her is one thing, but going from a seated pose to standing is quite challenging.

The only heavier doll I have is the RD2 body D, which I can barely carry, but really struggle going up stairs.. The little dolls I have been doing are so much easier to handle, I can understand why people with back issues struggle.

So, the RD body F is so much lighter and she feels safer to handle, unlike TPE, which feels like it will pinch thru the skin in certain positions, so one has to be very careful.

I like the Body F for that reason, and the real issue with her is inability to stand, which makes those positions require a truss system. She is however, very easy to bend and get into positions. Unlike some other dolls from WM, the joints are really tough to bend and promos take a toll on you fast.

Anyway, here's a sneak peak of the newest Doll4Ever lady. Such hottness!

She was featured at AVN, and I heard many attendees fondled her soft boobs! She also has the updated skeleton and it's hinges everywhere.




Here are the few pics from Heather's latest set. I used a larger black backdrop, which is quite fun to use, and makes the clothing pop out.





Click image for gallery and full-size photos.


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