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April 2018

Name: Yui Yammato

Doll's Nickname: Honey

Owner (Alias): Mishka1965

Location: California,USA

Short Bio: Yui is from Aichi Prefecture in Japan, and grew up there as a girl, until her 16th birthday when she moved to the USA. She graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014, and went to work for Google where she currently works for their advertising dept.

She and I met when we were attending a car show in 2016. She loves hot-rods and especially fast '32 Fords! Yui is a DH168 doll with Orient Industries head




Vital Statistics

Bust: 89cm

Waist: 55cm

Hips: 83cm

Height: 161cm

Weight: 33kg

Bra Size: 32F

Shoe Size: 5US

Dress Size: 4/6 small

Model Date: October 2017



Custom Features

Body Type: TPE


Skin Tone: Honey/light pink

Eye Color: Brown

Eye Shadow: Dark blue

Eye Liner: Custom

Eye Liner Color: Dark colored

Hair Color: Blonde

Hairstyle: Long, straight

Nail Color: Pink

Lip Color: Red

Pubic Hair Color: light brown

Pubic Hairstyle: trim







Previous Appearances: None

Doll girlfriends: Just a young daughter

Video: None

Ambition: looking for a challenge

My Best Quality: Ambitious

Words to Live by: We can do it!  yes

I Love: Fast cars!

I Hate: Arrogant Men

Perfect Evening: Wine and Listening to Gary Moore

Untold Fantasy: Dirty talking and dressing up as a school girl

I Feel Sexy When: I feel loved

My Idea of Fun: Being photographed

Aphrodisiacs: Green Tea and Ginger  wink

My Lingerie Drawer: Full!

You can never have enough: Sex

Favourite Position: Cowgirl  surprise

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Favourite Musical Groups, Songs: Pink  

Favourite Artists, Paintings: Georgia O'Keeffe

Favourite Movies, Directors: Planes, Trains and Automobiles by John Hughes

Favourite TV shows: Star Trek

Favourite Authors, books: Pierce Anthony

Favourite Place: Japan and Yosemite Park

Favourite Quote : Think like a queen - Oprah Winfrey  








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