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Hi all,

This month and the last were busy gettting pics ready for the April Coverdoll photoshoot. I managed to get a good number of sets completed before the weather went south, and outdoor shots were impossible. Although I managed a few indoors, I really liked being outside in my garden. The photoshoot was comprised of two outdoor and one indoor set, which I admit had great lighting as I discovered. My upstairs bedroom has great light mostly in the morning and early afternoon, which makes the sun angles and exposure fantastic, and once I figured that out, the rest of the shoot went fast. Lighting used was a 2 light system for the most part, except where I needed a warmer tungsten light to augment scene. In the outdoor kitchen area, I enhanced the lighting with that. None of the lights were aimed directly on the subject, but rather at 45 degree angles. For the outside sun shots, I used a indirect fill flash that helped reduced the shadows. In fact the flash is a simple hand held unit triggered by the camera.  I set the flash to -2 exposure to reduce the strong flash light, and the rest of the scene shot in manual exposure, like most of the pics you see. My workflow for finding the ideal camera setting is to find the best picture you get on aperture priority, then use that, except set to manual mode to keep everything constant, and then change exposure up/down depending on the metered shutter speed. Since I always shoot in raw, I can easily shoot 1/2 stop down and adjust the exposure in PS. Another thing I have been trying is setting the camera on aperture priority, and auto ISO, to help with marginally lit areas. I like this setting, but you need a good low noise hi ISO camera.

Have a look at some of the pics below, and enjoy.

-BTW, the lady you see is a TPE DH168 161cm (if I remember correctly) and a Silicone head from Orient Industries. I made a 3D printed head adapter a while ago, and it works great.

Although color matching body and heads are tricky, it's a simple workflow in PS, where I would adjust the RGB/CMY levels separately for the head and body. Usually I needed to reduce the green or increase magenta. Perhaps I can go over this and bring out my color wheel -  in more detail next time..

Till next month







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