Fox Fashion Blog April 2018 Pastel, Lace and Denim


TJ:  Hello everyone! Welcome again to the FFB! You are just in time to join Tasha and me for this month's photoshoot!  Hey  Tootsie Pop, Let's get started on the FFB shoot, whattya say?  

Tasha: Nah!  I am busy doing some research for the blog, how about you go get me some coffee or an energy drink? 

TJ: Aww c'mon Tashie, Please get up and finish getting dressed so we can get started...

Tasha: YO! Buzz OFF Faux Scavullo, I am BUSY! 

TJ: TASHA! Will you PLEASE get your butt out of bed???

Tasha: How's THIS, Mr. Pesky McFinster! 

TJ:  HA HA... Very funny. Really Tash,  everyone is waiting...
Tasha: Okay, Okay- I just have to check something in Marie Claire...

Tasha: OMG! WAIT one more minute... I HAVE to text Rari about this...

TJ: Ok Tasha, while you are doing that, I'll introduce your outfit.  That is your new lace cutout bodysuit right? 

Tasha.. YES, YES!  It's nice and comfy, I can actually sleep in it or wear it all day.  It's one of my go to's this season because it is very versatile.  Now give me a few minutes and I will get the first outfit on so I can show you.  

TJ: WOW... Tash- That looks great, tell us about it....

Tasha:  Sure,  will you get me that energy drink, PLEASE?  I started getting into these watching Jessica Jones. The character likes them when she isn't guzzling booze.  Jessica drinks booze like I drink coffee...LOL. I LOVE Krysten Ritter. She was so good in Breaking Bad and now she is kicking butt as Jessica Jones.  I think she is really pretty and she is bad ass.  

TJ: Well Tasha I can see a resemblance with you two. 

Tasha: Thanks Teej, GIna said the same thing.  I guess I see what you guys mean.   But Krysten is a lot taller than me, and my boobs are bigger than hers.


Tasha: Oh, chillax ya ol' fuddy dud. Hey, I am ready... Check it out... I have a pastel tank over my body suit with denim shorts and Alpine lace stockings. 

Tasha: So I can wear this with a hoodie or just go out this way. 

TJ: Nice Tashie, What's next? 

Tasha:  I have my button down top that can also double as a PJ top but today I am wearing as a top to accent my bodysuit. I decided to put jeans on becasue it is nice today but not quite shorts and tank top weather yet.  I also put on my kitty Chuck Taylors too...

TJ: Tash,  Why pastel, lace and denim? 
Tasha: I LOVE pastels, they are perfect for spring. Lace can be dressed up or dressed down and denim can be worn in all seasons.  Since we have been watching Jessica Jones, I am really getting into her style.   The character is a little dark, which I love, but I thought I'd put a lighter spin on that look for spring.  I intially had on my my black boots, but they didn't quite cut the look I was aiming for today, so I put on my kitty chucks after my Ed Hardy's.    Also, about a week ago, I saw a thread in the forum on denim, so I it seemed like a good idea to keep the topic going in the blog and our thread in Dolls Alive. 

TJ: That's great Tash, do you have anything else?
Tasha: Well yeah, I want to see everyone post pics of their pastels, lace and denim for the FFB thread this month in DOLLS ALIVE!   THANKS BBZ! MMMMUUWWWAAAHH!   

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