Vampires Rule the Night and Now they Have a Queen!!


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This month I have the pleasure of receiving another soon to be sold out beauty:

Item No:PL2017-109 /Item Name:Arkhalla Queen of Vampires 1/6th Scale Action Figure

Like all of TBLeagues figures her detail is superb. Her body is the same one that is used by their other Vampire.

Item No:PL2017-101-A / Item Name:Vampirella-Asian version 1/6th Scale Action Figure

It seemed appropriate that Vampirella should assist in opening the box. I also felt a need to expand my horizin into the dark world of Barbie Dolls so another familiar lady will also assist in the task of reviving their queen:

Barbie Collector The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II Bella Doll

I have decided that all my packages be shipped via DHL so when she was sent it only took 3 business days to get her.

She was packed as all their figures are in a beautiful full color box. She was already dressed, for what it's worth as she is almost naked. I felt the red top was nicer in over all appearance so I left it on. Sadly she does not have nipples. I put the little pasties on her so you can make them out thru the top. Her extra gear was easy to put on but her crown just sits up there and falls off if you move her.

She came with 2 layers of cool stuff and the sword and knife seem to be metal but still light. Her hands and feet have nice red nails.

As you can tell her new hand maidens are quite pleased with their new queen.


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nice girls lone but with all those vampires at your place you better stock up on garlic.



Yes and there are more on the horizen...of course I mean Dusk.