September 2018 Featured Photographer

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Our Featured Photographer for September 2018 is Terabyte


Meet Aylen

She's a WM170H with curves and fitness in stunning package. Head is a 122 with a beautiful face.

She is absolutely master attention getter, she loves showing off her lovely body. Take her shopping and she will wear the bare minimum, crop tank top and leggings minus the bra and panties. She also loves dressing up and mixing and matching outfits, her Wonder Woman superhero outfit is very creative. When its time for fitness, only a spandex stretch outfit will do, easy to work up a sweat staring at her curves. Sometimes I think panties are her favorite thing wear with nothing else. Everyday is an adventure with Aylen.


This shoot was done with a Canon EOS 7D, Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, two Alien Bee B800 studio strobes, wireless triggers, beauty dish, grids, and softbox light modifiers, and mutiple colored backdrop paper. All shot indoors, edits using Photoshop.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you Coverdoll for the opportunity!

Aylen & Terabyte




Note from the Editor: Each month we will feature a different photographer's work. We invite doll owners and manufacturers alike to participate in this new monthly feature. Photo shoots must meet a minimum quality level. If you do not meet that level we are happy to work with you, critique your photos and help you to raise the bar on your photography. Good photo shoots can be had with low cost digital cameras. It is all in the technique.

Submit your inquiries and sample entry photos to


Wow, you are one hot looking doll, Aylen. And terabyte, you sure know how to capture her in your photos.  and the photo below, well, that is just too good to be true!! laughyes



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