Yurica, six years already


“Yurica, six years already!”

March is dedicated to my beautiful and sexy Yurica. It's a doll that is very special to me.

This year, it's been six years since she shared my life with Lilica. These six years have passed very quickly, great happiness. This doll is really amazing, her body AI Doll S + is a marvel of sensuality and a treat to photograph. My beautiful Yurica actually fantasizes more than one.

To celebrate this anniversary, we created a subdued atmosphere and cocooning. Yurica is dressed with a sexy white lingerie that highlights its many assets. She also wears pale pink stiletto heels. Champagne, red roses and small chocolate accompanies with delight this particular moment.

The temperature rose very quickly, Yurica is found naked with a rose on her body to hide her privacy. How did the session end? I will let you guess…J

Six years at her side and I hope there will be many more years.




Fred smiley



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great pics of yurica may there be many more to come as well. sure hope she removed the thorns from that rose or she could be in for a surprise.



Thank you carlys_guy smiley
The roses were not thorny, I was very careful.