Demon Huntress - Classic Set Review


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When I had a chance to snag this figure, I jumped. This was an exclusive figure created for the Comic Con Convention in 2016. Not sold directly and scarfed up by dealers, so when someone said, I have 2 still in the boxes and first who reply to this post gets them. I was first and it was less then 2 mins and they were gone. Timing is everything.

Item Name:Demon Huntress 1/6th Item No:PL2016-100

This set is not for the faint of  heart. I love detail just like the next person, but sometimes they go to far. I have said that you have to separate those that are just meant for display from those that are meant for play. Like all sets ment for world distribution and all ages she has no bits. Her outfit is so tight that cutting is the only option. So I have already ordered her 'naked body'. She seems to be a perfect S21B. So stay tuned she just might show up on TDF in a different perspective!

If you don't have a good pair of hobby glasses, tweezers and a steady hand, boy are you in for some fun. This was the hardest one I have done and am pleased I finished her. Her Sword is a bit much and to heavy to pose one handed without support. The Trident is nice in that the end slips off and you can just slide it thru the fist and add it after. The helmet is a trip. It is as tight as it looks. Keeping the hair in place and sliding it on was tricky. She comes with the standard set of hands and when I get her spare body she will have more choices. She stands and poses nicely. The trick is to keep all the stuff aligned properly.

As all these 'Display' only sets do, it comes with it's own exclusive stand. It's cool. But as always will go back into the box and be stored intact. The trick is to remember were they are as you can combine them for cool effects.

I should also mention like all my warrior babes, they each get their own steed and the Demon Huntress is not to be denied. Her choice was a JSM-RN003 1/6 Brown Horse. He is a solid ceramic figure and on the larger side of 1/6 scale, as he should be!

Again TBLeague Delivers!







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great review lone and great pics as well. boy is that sword big wonder if it has magical powers.


Thanks Carly.. Yes, indeed it is a bit outrageous but it is a mass market figure so we can forgive them this time. smiley